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Serena Tallarigo marble

Serena Tallarigo
Sculpture in Stone

CREATIVE PROCESS interviews Italian sculptor
Serena Tallarigo on a recent visit to Manhattan

Serena Tallarigo: Even though I am from Italy, my serious sculpture began when I was living in Paris in the late 70's. I was experimenting with works using metal and acids. The acids made beautifully colored glazes on the metal surfaces. Unfortunately, working with these materials also made me sick. So, I moved on to sculpting in wood and to more abstract, geometric work.

Crossing Light
marble sculpture by Serena Tallarigo
34 inches X 12.5 inches

Serena Tallarigo Bas Relief Sculpture

Serena Tallarigo: By the early 1980's, I realized I needed to carve in stone. I started working in bas-relief.

Free-Standing Bas Relief
Serena Tallarigo 2-piece marble sculpture
25 inches square

Serena Tallarigo: Before I picked up the power tools necessary to carve fine stone, I spent a year in Carrara (Italy) simply watching other sculptors work. The tools are heavy and a sculptor must know precisely how to handle them. You cannot be distracted by the mechanics of the process when you are sculpting. You must understand your tools completely and allow them be an extension of yourself.

Serena Tallarigo white marble sculpture

"Other Dimensions" by Serena Tallarigo
white marble sculpture in four pieces
41.5 inches X 15.75 inches

Serena Tallarigo: I make no preparatory drawings for my sculpture. I envision the piece completely in my mind, then I pick up my pneumatic hammer and begin sculpting. I do the roughing-out carving in a lab where heavy tools are available. Then I transport the work to my studio for further refinement.

Serena Tallarigo Belgian black marble

On Three Edges
Belgian black marble sculpture
20 inches X 11 inches X 8inches

Serena Tallarigo: The stone that was available in the 80's was superb. At some of the quarries they were hitting the best portion of the veins. The Belgian black marble of that period is pure and beautiful. You cannot get that quality now--at any price. Special care is necessary in working it; the chips are sharp as glass. To achieve the high sheen, I hand polish my sculpture with sandpaper.

Serena Tallarigo

Serena Tallarigo: This porfirico came from a quarry--now closed--north of Trieste where they quarried the stone horizontally. There is almost no road to the quarry. Porfirico is a dark reddish brown stone. I carve it using marble-working techniques.

"The Absent" porfirico marble sculpture

Serena Tallarigo: When I want a softer-toned black surface --as in my Horizon series of landscape pieces--I use black marquina. It is a bit mottled and more subtle--less hard-edged--than Belgian black marble and reads better as landscape.

Serena Tallarigo stone sculptureSerena Tallarigo stone sculpture

Horizon III
marquina & bianco puro
marble sculpture by Serena Tallarigo
29 inches X 12.5 inches X 10.5 inches

Serena Tallarigo: In the conceptual, minimal pieces such as Darkness through Light, I wanted the stark impact of the Belgian black marble to slice through the bianco puro (pure white) marble.

Tallarigo marble sculpture

Darkness through Light
Belgian black and pure white marble sculpture

Serena Tallarigo: I live quietly in Carrara. To handle the heavy sculpting tools, I must be in very good physical condition. So, I work-out daily and keep a regular schedule; it's as though I am an athlete in training.

Tallarigo maquette for installation  il muro10 elementi

Il Muro 10 Elementi, 10 Comandamenti--Scultura Poesia Tecnologia--Maquette

Serena Tallarigo: My current work includes installations as well as sculpture. This is a maquette for a large project entitled "Il Muro 10 Elementi, 10 Comandamenti--Scultura Poesia Tecnologia". It is a reflection on elements of life such as ambition, love, success and pain. This work--when realized--will be 25 meters long. For the installations--many of which are mixed media--I have assembled a team that comes together to construct my pieces.

Serena Tallarigo

Serena Tallarigo

"On the Edge of Stone/ At the Edge of Sculpture"
View Serena Tallarigo's stone sculpture and bas-reliefs:
SERENA TALLARIGO--Artworks for Sale.  
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Serena Tallarigo Exhibitions & Projects:
Galerie des Trois Rives, Paris, France
Grands et jeunes, Grand Palais, Paris France
Prix de La Peinture de la ville de Vitry, France
Second Exposition, UNESCO, Paris, France
Grand Prix de Ia Peinture, Touques, France
Contradiction 77, American Center Paris, France
Grands et jeunes, Grand Palais, Paris, France
Comparisons, Grand Palais, Paris, France
Rencontre de Septembre, Saveney, France
Contemporary Italian Prints in France, Olivetti, Paris, France
Aspects of Italian Sculpture in France, Italian Cultural Institute, Paris, France
In permanent exhibition, Galerie de l'Université, Paris, France
Rigueur de Lignes, Galerie de l'Université, Paris, France
Comparisons, Grand Palais, Paris, France
Art '80, Basel Fair, Galerie von Bartha, Basel, Switzerland
Témoignage 1981, Pompidou Museum, Paris, France
"Bas-Relief to-day", Jack Gallery, New York, USA
19th and 20th Century Women Artists, Susan Blanchard Gallery, New York, USA
In permanent exhibition, Susan Blanchard Gallery, New York, USA
"On the Edge of Stone at the Edge of Sculpture" Victoria Gallery, Warner Brother Communications BLDG, New York, USA
Cross Roads, International Sculpture, Washington Square BLDG, Washington, D.C., USA
Valentino Bompiani, Lions Club, Lerici, Italy
Carta e Sculture da Camera, Studio S Arte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy
Euro Marmo Scultura, The Concert Hall of Aarhus, Denmark
Executed in small scale the projects "Res" and "The Wall, 10 Elements, 10 Commandments: sculpture, technology, poetry"
In permanent exhibition "The Wounded Angel", Museo de Los Angles Turegano (Segovia, Spain)
Installation "Trace VI", World Food Program, United Nations, Parco de Medici, (Rome, Italy)
Work and completion of project "Le Case del Cielo" dedicated to Mother Teresa of Calcutta;
24 sculptures in Black of Belgium marble & mixed media
Exhibition "2 Projects for Year 2000" Studio S/Arte Contemporan Gallery, (Rome, Italy)
Third Millenium Award--Terra Moretti Group--Selected for the project "Anamorphsis: Doors of Memory", (Milan, Italy)
Design and execution of "Signs of Her" six sculptures in porfirico stone


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