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Cynthia Capriata:
Paintings, Prints and Glass

CREATIVE PROCESS visits the studio of Peruvian-born artist Cynthia Capriata.

Capriata's Studio

CAPRIATA: Recently my work has evolved to include many additional techniques beyond traditional painting: my recent paintings incorporate calligraphy & sometimes collage.

Capriata CosmosPainting


CAPRIATA: This painting is 3 or 4 years old.

Capriata Silkscreen


CAPRIATA: Various aspects of art have always interested me. I am always trying different techniques and materials. This silkscreen was done on Fabriano paper. When my friends have babies, I make stuffed imaginary animals for them. Also, I paint and decorate glass.

Capriata Glass Plate

Glass Plate

Prayer Rugs Collage w/Velvet

CAPRIATA: These pieces include painting on paper, calligraphic patterns and applied decorated fabric. I suppose you could say my work has folk art elements--but they are not just those of South America. At the moment I've been spending a lot of time working on my calligraphy in Arabic and Hebraic. But my calligraphy teachers complain that I am not rote enough--I like to be inventive with the marks.


Capriata Large Piece CAPRIATA: I am preparing now for a show in Peru--it's a significant show and the gallery is huge--so I'm concentrating on pieces large enough to be at home in that space. Even my largest, most ambitious work in now including calligraphic elements. I call some of these pieces "books". Some unfurl or unfold. Some are painted on both sides.

Unfurled Book

Capriata Large Piece 2

CAPRIATA: These small works are illustrations of Aesop's Fables. Sometimes a client will ask me to create one of these from a favorite fable--I enjoy this collaboration.

Aesops Fable

Aesop's Fable

Cynthia Capriata Artist Photo

Cynthia Capriata

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