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Artists' Studio Visits at Biddington's Art Gallery

Narrative Printmaker and Book Artist

Summer 2001 Exhibition:
BABETTE KATZ "Linocut Stories"
July 14-August 3, 2001
The New York Public Library
Donnell Library Center--Main Floor
20 West 53rd Street, New York City

Babette Katz linocut Scarf City Woman BIDDINGTON'S CREATIVE PROCESS interviews relief print and book artist Babette Katz in her Westchester, New York studio.

Babette Katz: For me, making art has to do with the heart, the hands and the materials. Black and white linoleum cut, with its limited palette, gives me the opportunity to work for conciseness, economy and expressive force.

Babette Katz: Black ink, white paper and pared-down linoleum carry the burden of proof.

Babette Katz linocut Scarf City Woman

Babette Katz linocut Sunhat detail

Babette Katz: Cutting and incising, you feel you can carve your way to the emotional center of the truth.

Detail of Babette Katz relief print Sunhat

Babette Katz: There is a tradition of social and political commentary in black and white relief printmaking. Its high contrast impact and textural quality are capable of expressing anxiety and strong emotion.

Babette Katz linocut print Role Models

Babette Katz linocut print I Have NO Role Models

Babette Katz: I like the simplicity of the materials I use--carving tools, rollers, ink, linoleum and the back of a spoon (for rubbing and transferring the reversed, inked image onto the paper.) Also, the whole sensual aspect of relief printing is very appealing: You place a fine piece of rice paper on the rough carved surface of a sheet of linoleum and come up with a fully-realized dramatic image.

Babette Katz linocut print Beach

Babette Katz relief print At the Beach

Babette Katz: Black and white are gripping, exciting and consoling to me, so I indulge myself in using them. Self-indulgence isn't such a bad thing for an artist. It can help you find your own voice.

Babette Katz linocut print Scarf City

Babette Katz: Scarf City and Scarf City Woman are part of a series of prints I did on the subject of Manhattan. It was a tribute to the infinite variety of the city as reflected in its architecture and its emblematic women.

Babette Katz relief print Scarf City

Babette Katz linocut print  of Bette Midler

Babette Katz: I made the Celebrity Portrait series of Bette Midler, Cher and some others stars because images of these people are as much a part of our shared visual field as trees, clouds and sunshine. The artist Boldini did stylized portraits of society figures in the early 20's. I wanted to bring the same sense of eccentric elegance and character to studies of contemporary personae who so occupy the public imagination.

Babette Katz linocut Bette Midler

Babette Katz linocut print dream detail

Babette Katz: In "This Dream", from the late 1970's, I wanted to give a sense of the materiality--and poignance--of the physical world as in a bubble between water, sky and eternity.

Detail of Babette Katz linocut "This Dream"

Babette Katz: As a rule, my prints are done in editions of 20. After making 20 prints I find myself starting to lose interest in the process--though there are exceptions.

Babette Katz: Artists who've interested me have generally been strong draftsmen. I love line and came to an appreciation of color later in life.

Babette Katz: I've been influenced by and admire the work of Shiko Munakata, Antonio Frasconi, Fritz Eichenberg, Egon Schiele, Daumier, Durer, Van Gogh, Toulouse Lautrec and Picasso.

Babette Katz: When I first saw artists' books in museum exhibits many years ago, I was puzzled that they were limited to vituoso performances of beautiful printing & images whose subjects were often brief excerpts from classic literature. I wondered why no one made brief, beautiful books that were entire stories--worlds unto themselves. So I started to make linocut visual narratives. (I later discovered the work of Franz Masereel, a pioneer of the wordless black and white narrative.)

Page for artist's book Winters Tale

Babette Katz: A Winter's Tale is a story of the shifting emotional balance between people once they are engaged in any kind of contact. A wordless artists' book, relying solely on images as sequencing for its meaning, expands the emotional reach of the story.

artist Babette Katz in her studio
Babette Katz: Another of my artists' books Yarn is about the illusion that you are making your own choices, when--in fact--choices are being made for you. That book is about being overcome by your own destiny.

Babette Katz

Babette Katz: My artists' books are an effort at permanence and at codifying things that have been significant to me.

View Babette Katz's relief prints offered for sale in
BIDDINGTON'S Contemporary Art Gallery.
Price Range: $250-$600

Editor's Note: Babette Katz's artist's books are printed in small editions of 500 to 1000 copies are printed by the Visual Studies Workshop Press. These books are available at The New York Public Library Gift Shop, Whitney Museum of American Art Gift Shop, Printed Matter (NYC) and Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. For purchases of 10 books or more, please contact:

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