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Artists' Studio Visits at Biddington's Art Gallery

Scott Kahn
Fantasy Painter

Scott Kahn Violin
Oil on Canvas, 1996

CREATIVE PROCESS visits the Tribeca studio of painter Scott Kahn.

Scott KAHN: My art is a visual diary: I work out--in fantastic and allegorical imagery--a dilemma, or an idea, meandering through my brain. I like the humor and symbolism in my painting.

Scott Kahn painting Pennsylvania-New Jersey

Scott Kahn Pennsylvania-New Jersey Border
Oil on Canvas, 1998

Scott KAHN: My environment influences my painting. When I travel my paintings have external interest. This landscape was inspired by a drive through the Delaware Water Gap in wintertime.

Scott Kahn painting Cereberus

Scott Kahn "Cereberus"
Oil on Canvas

Scott KAHN: In my New York studio, the work is a study of inwardly focused ideas and feelings.

Scott Kahn painting Shadow DanceScott KAHN: Shadow Dance is a study in contrasts. In Jungian psychology the shadow is our nemesis--the dark side of our psyche always waiting to trip us up. So, this painting is a study of humanity and bestiality, interior and exterior, day and night.

Scott Kahn "Shadow Dance"
Oil on Canvas

Scott Kahn Painting Interior Scott KAHN: My painting is "naive" in the sense that I'm not vastly trained in drawing. Interior is a landscape of a dream with a language of its own where everything is irrational and tipsy. It's a funny image where I'm sort of crucified to my bed, at sea, in my bedroom. Yet, I'm dreaming happily of cakes--a symbol of psychic nourishment.

Scott Kahn "Interior"
Oil on Canvas, 1996

Scott KAHN: My 1995 paintings are among the last where I became obsessed with specifics such as blades of grass--never again. I've decided it is just not necessary to paint in such detail. I use varnish to bring out the surface density of my paintings. I wait one year for the oil paint to dry. I have a notebook and use it to keep track of technical procedures. I did begin my academic career studying to be a dentist; I'm very methodical.

Scott Kahn painting Message Scott KAHN: You can learn to remember and to develop your imagination. I used to paint from life, but I rely on my memory now. I worked on Message and the self portrait at the same time. It was about the time of the Bonnard show. I admired his sense of freedom.

Scott Kahn "Message"
Oil on Canvas

Scott Kahn artist Self PortraitScott KAHN: I had never used yellow before seeing that show. After seeing Bonnard, I decided to give yellow a whirl.

Scott Kahn "Self Portrait"
Oil On Canvas

Scott Kahn Painting Breath

Scott Kahn "Breath"
Oil on Canvas, 1998
Collection University of Pennsylvania

Scott KAHN: My value is as a poet. Poetry is a distillation of experience; poetry reduces experience to an essence. If I have a strength as a painter, it's the poetry of the painting.

Scott Kahn

Scott Kahn in His Studio

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Exhibitions of Scott Kahn's Work (abbreviated list)
Corbin Gallery (FLA) 2000
Katharina Rich Perlow Gallery (New York) 1990,1994, 1996, 1998
Rivington Gallery (London) 1998
Jason & Rhodes Gallery (London) 1995
Piccadilly Gallery (London) 1995
Silo Gallery (CT) 1995
Philadelphia Museum, Group Show 1992
Albright-Knox Gallery, Group Show 1992
Holyoke Museum (MA), Group Show 1988
Met Life Gallery (NYC) 1987
National Academy of Design (NYC)1986
Parrish Art Museum (Southampton, NY) 1981
Soho Center for Visual Arts (NYC)1976
Aldrich Museum (Ridgefield, CT) 1974

Awards to Scott Kahn
Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grants--1985, 1995
Change, Inc.--1992

Collections--abbreviated list:
Dow Jones & Co., Inc.
Sherman & Sterling (NYC)
Davis, Polk & Wardell (NYC)
Marriott Marquis Hotel (NYC)
Security Pacific Bank (CA)
American Management Systems (DC)
Chase Manhattan Bank (NYC)
Allied Bank of Texas
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (NYC)
University of Pennsylvania
Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYC)
Philip Morris Corporation (NYC)
Decor Heytens, S.A. (Belgium)

Scott Kahn Reviews--abbreviated list:
The New York Review of Art--Summer 1994
The New York Times--July 17, 1994


CREATIVE PROCESS at Biddington's is designed as a forum for watching art in the making. Usually, this process happens in the privacy of the artist's studio. At BIDDINGTON'S Contemporary Art Gallery, we find it interesting to witness the steps leading to the end product and to hear the artists speak about their work in the relaxed surroundings of their own studios.

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