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Artists' Studio Visits at Biddington's Art Gallery

Kate Wattson oil painting Study in Orange

Contemporary Colorist Painter

BIDDINGTON'S CREATIVE PROCESS interviews portrait and still life artist Kate Wattson in her Hudson River studio.

Kate Wattson: In the studio, I design the still life set-up or the set-up for the model. So, I am composing long before I start painting.

Kate Wattson oil painting
Study in Orange

Kate Wattson urban interior Dumbo warehouse

Kate Wattson: I used to work in a large space shared with two other painters in DUMBO--the artists' neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Kate Wattson urban view
DUMBO Warehouse

Painting of View from new studio

Kate Wattson: Now my studio is outside of New York City in a hillside town along the Hudson River. The town looks very 19th century. Even the air is different here. "Fairy-Tale View" shows the rooftops from my studio windows.

Kate Wattson oil painting
Fairy-Tale View

Kate Wattson still life painting Brown Bag

Kate Wattson still life Brown Bag

Kate Wattson: In my still lifes, I often choose very ordinary objects; I like the challenge of painting something unglamorous.

Kate Wattson: I know what I want, and I work quickly. I accept the fact that many paintings are not successful. I'm not reluctant to just start again completely painting over the ones that don't work.

Kate Wattson floral still life painting Romantic Peonies

Kate Wattson: In fact, I love painting over my older paintings because it gives a wonderful texture.

Textural detail from Kate Wattson still life
Romantic Peonies

Kate Wattson still life pastel Study in Pink

Kate Wattson still life pastel "Study in Pink"

Kate Wattson: For inspiration on surface I look at Soutine; he blows me away with his texture.

Kate Wattson figure paintings in studio

Kate Wattson: In my figure paintings and portraits, I usually work with models. But I have been working on two versions of this image from a photograph. I was fascinated by the relationship between the two women.

Kate Wattson in studio with "California Chat" (in progress)
and California Interior

California Chat det

Kate Wattson portrait pastel Cynthia

Kate Wattson: I did a studio art/art history major as an undergraduate. After my sons were older, I studied at the National Academy of Design (in New York City) with Mary Beth McKenzie. I found it a very congenial place to work on basic techniques and to get good classical training.

Kate Wattson portrait drawing in pastel

Kate Wattson: I no longer enjoy reading about art, but I do like to look at it. I like Jacques Louis David--those big ceremonial canvases are hard to keep going. A pastel artist can't go wrong with Degas.

Kate Wattson oil figure painting Little Alice

Kate Wattson: I like working from models and painting portraits. I think of myself as a colorist--that's my interest and my strength. I'm intrigued by a model's coloring and skin tones. But when painting a model, I feel a responsibility to get the personality as well as the appearance.

Detail of Kate Wattson figure painting
Little Alice

Kate Wattson figure painting Studio Study

Kate Wattson: While my art is representational in its references, I'm not a strict realist. Many of the elements within my paintings read abstractly.

Kate Wattson large figurative painting
Studio Study

Kate Wattson: Since I truly enjoy working from a model, I do accept portrait commissions--in pastels or in oils.

Painter Kate Wattson

Artist Kate Wattson in Her Studio

Kate Wattson's
Still Life and Cityscape Paintings

& Figurative Paintings and Portrait
for sale in BIDDINGTON'S Contemporary Art Gallery.
Price Range: $160-$2000

For information about commissioning a Kate Wattson portrait
email: or phone Biddington's: 212 838 3572 Mon-Fri 9-5 ET.

Kate Wattson explains still life painting to children & suggests a project in
MY ART--Art for Kids.


CREATIVE PROCESS at Biddington's is designed as a forum for watching art in the making. Usually, this process happens in the privacy of the artist's studio. At BIDDINGTON'S Contemporary Art Gallery & upmarket, online art & antiques auction--we find it interesting to witness the steps leading to the end product and to hear the artists speak about their work in the relaxed surroundings of their own studios.

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