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Climb the steps, cross our colonnaded porch and enter BIDDINGTON'S Auctions & BIDDINGTON'S Contemporary Art Gallery: the online source of fine art, antiques, beautiful objects & vintage books for the serious collector. Hand the porter your coat and umbrella so that you can roam our galleries in comfort.

To your left are our Auction Rooms. In these galleries are art, antiques and fine collectible objets available for buying at auction. The bidding continues around the clock every day. You can browse through all the rooms, or go directly to the Auction Gallery of specific interest to you. If there is a particular item you seek, use BIDDINGTON'S Custom Search to take you directly to it--it does save the feet.

Please proceed to Registry through the doorway just behind the potted palm. Once our clerk adds your name to our customer rolls, you may bid in our auctions and make outright purchases in our art gallery and bookstore. (If you're considering disposing of some fine vintage items, the Seller portion of the registry will be of interest to you as well.) Please take a copy of the BIDDINGTON'S House Rules--it's important we all understand and agree upon the terms and conditions of participating at BIDDINGTON'S. Also, read Getting Started at Biddington's Auctions so that you will have a complete understanding of how our Internet auction process works and about our customer satisfaction policies.

In the handsomely-proportioned room with the garden view, you will find our modern art gallery. The works shown in BIDDINGTON'S Contemporary Art Gallery are created by accomplished artists working in a wide variety of styles and mediums. We suggest perusing these fine paintings and sculptures for both aesthetic pleasure and for investment potential. Original works of art are offered (with discreetly placed price tags) starting at $100 and continuing upwards to about $70,000.

At the top of the broad staircase through the double doors is the Bookstore at BIDDINGTON'S. Yes, the paneling, library ladders and shelving are all original. The Bookstore offers a selection of hard-to-find and out-of-print titles of interest to art and antiques collectors. We stock art & antique auction catalogues and art price quides as well as art gallery exhibition catalogues. In addition to these art & collecting books, the Bookstore offers vintage titles relating to garden design & horticulture. Browse as long as you like. The muffled applause you hear is emanating from the salon just across the way. An antiques dealer has just finished his presentation in BIDDINGTON'S Expert Consultancy series. Antiques collectors and art dealers are marvelous sources of information; the tales they tell...

Those people dressed in black going up the steps to the third floor are organizing our Arts, Antiques and Collectibles Archives. They are just beginning their task, so the area is closed to visitors.

Let's go back to the main floor. Augusta Biddington has gathered the staff in the dining room and is holding forth on the cleaning and hanging of textiles. When you need to know about the care and maintenance of art, antiques and fine collectible objects ASK Mrs. Biddington. The old dear knows her stuff about conservation and restoration.

It's a glorious day, why don't we step outside to the artists' studios in the converted carriage house. The CREATIVE PROCESS is fascinating. We like to come out here to see the painters, sculptors & artisans as they work. Sometimes we just look over their shoulders & watch. Sometimes they chat a bit. The painters and sculptures working in the studios offer their work for sale in BIDDINGTON'S Contemporary Art Gallery and sometimes in BIDDINGTON'S Online Auctions as well.

Over in the formal garden, that handsome fellow talking on the cell phone is Jake Biddington; he writes Jake Biddington's INVESTING--Biddington's newsletter covering the market in art, antiques and fine collectible objects.

Marsh, the chauffeur, is packing a picnic hamper into the trunk. It's almost the weekend when The BIDDINGTON'S Bentley Takes to the Road. Frederick Fieldhouse Biddington embarks on antique hunting itineraries all over the country.

Time has flown. We'll go back in and retrieve your things. Please pick up BIDDINGTON'S Auction House collector's glossary: PEDIGREE & PROVENANCE; it's updated regularly & makes a very informative art and antiques resource for the arts connoisseur. Stay & browse the galleries or drop in again any time. BIDDINGTON'S Art & Antiques Auction Galleries is always pleased to welcome the serious online collector.

Roam our art galleries to view the best in modern art from realism to abstraction.
Artists represented include:
Sigmund Abeles Expressive Realist Painter
Carol Bruns Bronze Figurative Sculptor
James Burnett Non-Objective Painter
Cynthia Capriata Painter & Printmaker
Diane Churchill Expressionist Painter
John Clem Clarke Pop Artist
Lynne Frehm New York Abstract Painter
Betsey Garand Minimalist Painter & Fine Art Printmaker
Debora Gilbert Ryan New Image Painter
Harry Gordon Monumental Sculpture
Marilyn Greenberg Narrative Abstract Painter
Richard Heinrich Welded Steel Sculpture
Charles Hewitt Painter & Monotype Printmaker
Frances Jetter Bronze Sculptor & Editorial Illustrator
Scott Kahn Fantasy Painter
Susan Kaprov Digital Printmaker and Abstract Painter
Babette Katz Printmaker and Book Artist
Richard Mock Abstract Painter & Linocut Printmaker
Bill Murphy Contemporary Realist Painter
Frances Pellegrini New York City & Fashion Photographer
Joseph Reeder Cross Media Artist Paintings & Ceramics
Laura Shechter Contemporary Realist Painter
Serena Tallarigo Marble Sculptor
Rein Triefeldt Kinetic Sculpture
Nancy Van Deren Contemporary Painter

For contemporary sculpture in an array of media, styles and sizes be sure to visit:


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