"Horizon III"
Stone Sculpture

Biddington's Item#:  501937
Dimensions:  29 X 12.5 X 10.5 inches
Date:  1985
Condition:  Very Good
Materials:  Marble and Marquina
Country of Origin:  Italy--shipped from USA

Serena Tallarigo stone sculpture Horizon III

Description: Italian sculptor Serena Tallarigo produced a series of work in the 1980's with landscape themes; "Horizon III" is from that series. This stone sculpture is a 4-piece construction in marble bianco puro and black marquina. In her landscape-inspired works, Tallarigo prefers marquina to black marble because it is flecked with charcoal grey giving the sculpture a less hard-edged more organic feel. Tallarigo sculpts using a pneumatic hammer as her primary carving tool. She makes no preparatory drawings for her work, but rather plans the works completely in her mind prior to picking up her tools. Serena Tallarigo discusses the process of creating her sculpture in this photo-interview.

The scale of this handsome, geometric black and white sculpture makes it suitable for a large coffee table, console or wide mantle. More photos of this sculpture are available via email. The sculpture disassembles and ships flat. View more Serena Tallarigo 1980's tone sculpture.

Offered by: Biddington's Sculpture Gallery
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