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Illusionist Still life Paintings,
Drawings & Editioned Works on Paper

Offered for Sale at
Biddington's Contemporary Art Gallery

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Lisa Dinhofer painting Marble Field 5 Lisa Dinhofer painting Marble Field 6 Lipstick etching Lisa Dinhofer Lisa Dinhofer panel painting Marble Field 7 Lisa Dinhofer painting Americana Crazy
Marble Field #5
Oil on Linen
Marble Field #6
Large Painting
Self Portrait
Lipstick Image Print
Marble Field #7
Oil on Panel
Americana Crazy
Oil on Linen
Glass gun Lisa Dinhofer painting Clown bank Lisa Dinhofer painting Wings Lisa Dinhofer painting Lisa Dinhofer print Losing Marbles 15 Aviary Lisa Dinhofer painting
Glass Gun
Oil on Panel
in Vintage Frame
The Clown Bank
Oil on Panel
in Antique Frame
Oil on Panel
Losing My Marbles
Print #15

Variable Edition Print
Oil on Panel
in Antique Frame
Contained Environment etching Lisa Dinhofer Marbles and Mouse drawing Lisa Dinhofer Chocolate cherries oil on paper Lisa Dinhofer Mouse chine colle etching Lisa Dinhofer Contained Environment etching Lisa Dinhofer
Contained Environment #2
2-Plate Etching
31 Marbles and A Mouse
Graphite Drawing
Summer 2000 #3
Oil on Paper
Etching with Chine Collé
Contained Environment #3
2-Plate Etching
Lisa Dinhofer large painting Losing Marbles
Losing My Marbles
Large Oil Painting
on Panel with
Mixed-Media Elements

Illusionist painter Lisa Dinhofer creates images of vintage toys, glass objects and textiles using realist techniques within a contemporary flattened, video-screen space.

To learn more about this artist:
Visit Lisa Dinhofer's
SoHo (New York) Studio

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Prices of these works range from $450 to $12,000.

For more information email Biddington's at: referencing LISA DINHOFER + title of artwork.

TELEPHONE ORDERS may be placed by calling:
212 838 3572 Mon-Fri 9-5 ET.
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