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New Image painting

What is New Image painting?

New Image painting is a loosely defined painting movement whose artists depict everyday objects disassociated from their backgrounds or environments in a simplified representational style.

Where did the term "New Image" originate?

The term comes from the 1978 Whitney Museum of American Art show of 10 artists including Jennifer Barlett, Neil Jenney, Susan Rothenberg and Denise Greene. (This show included many females artists--that fact alone makes it notable for its time.) This disparate group of painters all included some form of recognizable image in their work. The late, crudely representational work of New York School abstract expressionist Philip Guston may have been the impetus for this return to figuration.

How does New Image painting fit into timeline of art history?

New Image painting is heir to several 20th century post WWII visual traditions: to Pop art in its using mundane objects as painting subjects, to Minimal art in its non-illusionistic rendering of images and--in works by artists such as Neil Jenney--to Conceptual art in its content.

Why is New Image painting important?

New Image marked a return to painting after a period when much of the contemporary art scene had been focused on performance, installation and conceptual art. In some circles, New Image painting is credited with keeping painting alive. The galleries were delighted because these artists provided something new to show that was actually saleable. Interest in New Image & Neo-Expressionist artists helped fuel the collecting frenzy of the 1980's.

Visit the studio of New Image artist Debora Gilbert Ryan

Debora Gilbert Ryan painting (below) Mittens

Debora Gilbert Ryan New Image painting

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