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Pronounced: gwash (like squash)

What is gouache?

Gouache is a painting medium similar to watercolor, but heavier and more opaque because a gum substance is added to the mixture of ground pigment and water. Gouaches, like watercolors, are usually on paper.

Who used this technique and when?

Starting in the middle of the 19th century and continuing to the middle of the 20th, most European & American artists painted in gouache at one time or another in their careers.

Why not just use watercolor?

Watercolor is more about light than is gouache. And, frankly, gouache is a lot easier to control than watercolor. It's a quick, direct medium and works well for a sketchy kind of painting.

Painter Nancy Van Deren talks about gouache
as a painting medium.

James Burnett Gouache "Wilbur Flats #1" (below)

James Burnett gouache Wilbur Flats 1

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