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Who are they?

The Senufo are a people who live along the northernmost border of the Ivory Coast in western, sub-saharan Africa.

Why are the Senufo interesting?

The Senufo place a very high value on art & aesthetics. While the tribe as a whole earns its livelihood from basic agriculture and cattle raising, the Senufo have special castes for artists and artisans giving them a place of honor in their culture.

What sort of objects do these artisan castes create?

The fonobele are iron smiths who make mostly functional items. The kule are woodworkers who make household objects and fine carved doors. The kpembele are woodworkers who specialized in figurative carvings--used mostly for ceremonial purposes. The lorho are gold-founders who create ornament.

Are Senufo objects of interest to collectors?

From modern dance masks to older ceremonial drummer figures, the entire array of Senufo art is valued by collectors. In 1997, a major Senufo piece once owned by Estee Lauder traded at auction for nearly $200,000.

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