Depression Glass

What is it?

Depression Glass is colorful or clear, machine-pressed glass made during the 30's and used as premiums in dime stores (chain emporiums where most things cost originally 5 or 10 cents). On slow nights, movie theaters also offered it to entice audiences through their doors.

Who used it and why?

Because it was cheap and available, almost everyone used it. We know of one "restaurant" where it was used exclusively. The glass is very brittle, so many odd pieces have not survived.

Why should I want it now?

The colors offered--red, blue, pink, green, and amber and clear-- fit somewhere into everyone's color scheme and are perfect for today's casual dining. Patterns range from the stylish Art Deco "Manhattan" to simpler, homey floral designs.

Many individual pieces are available for under $20. So, depression glass makes a charming, reasonably-priced gift.

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