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Conceptual Art

"Creativity isn't the monopoly of artists."--Joseph Beuys
"Actual works of art are little more than historical curiosities."--Joseph Kosuth

What is it?

Conceptual Art is an international art movement in which the idea of a work matters more than its physical representation. Conceptual art is based in the intellect rather than the eye--employing words as much as, or more than, images. Dating from the 1960's, Conceptual Art has its roots in the early 20th century European arts movement called Dada as well as in the writings on language and meaning by mid-century philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

What propelled Conceptual Art into existence?

Conceptual Art is considered a backlash to the late 20th century propensity to view art as a commodity. Proponents of Conceptual Art are concerned with concepts such as the nature of art; conceptual works are meant to be provocative and to expand the idea of art well beyond that of an attractive object whose price increases. The idea generating a conceptual work matters more than any by-product or artifact produced to illustrate that idea.

Who are the key figures in Conceptual Art?

As the father of Dadaism, Marcel Duchamp is considered the grandfather of Conceptual Art. German artist Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) was a charismatic--if controversial--persona related to the movement. American artist Joseph Kosuth figured heavily in Conceptual Art during the early 1970's in the US. But this movement is more important for the dialogue it introduced rather than for any individual practitioner.

What is the legacy of Conceptual Art?

Conceptual Art opened the way for installation, digital and performance art--for art as experience as well as object. But it also influenced a younger generation of more conventionally-based artists. A work such as Jeff Koons' floral Puppy which is constructed, flourishes then vanishes owes much to the ideas aired in Conceptual Art.

GH Hovagimyan conceptual art exhibit

GH Hovagimyan
1994 Conceptual Art presentation
Surveys & Questionnaires

Conceptual Art concepts remain influential in the work of contemporary artists such as
intermedia & performance artist Diane Holland and
Conceptual/Pop artist GH Hovagimyan.

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