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(par flesh--plural also)

What is it?

The material, parfleche, is rawhide produced, originally, from the buffalo. Parfleche, a French Canadian word, literally means "to parry (or turn aside) arrows".

What was its use?

Native Americans from the plains through the northwest used it to produce shields and, most often, carrying cases. Such cases--called "parfleches"--were made by folding, tieing then painting the lye-soaked, dried hide.

Who made the parfleches?

Since parfleches were used to transport domestic goods as the tribes roamed, women produced them.

Why are parfleches important?

The colorful patterns painted on the varied and interesting travel cases had both aesthetic and spiritual significance for all the tribe.

As a cultural metaphor--versus a colorfully painted parfleche--a matched set of Louis Vuitton luggage pales in comparsion.

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