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ART: Paintings & Watercolors
During Biddington's site upgrade, please disregard the end dates on auction items. Many of these works remain available for outright purchase. To inquire, use this PURCHASE & BIDDING FORM. Choose an item below and click on it to see more information!

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Kate WATTSON Still Life "Plant Light"  Kate Wattson's still life painting of a backlit plant "Plant Light" shows the artist's ability to balance realism and abstraction. Your eye recognizes the image--a simple still life--yet that image doesn't really matter. What does matter is the sense of space and light and color. Please email or phone Biddington's (212 838 3572 Mon-Fri 9-5 EST) for more information about this painting. Buyer pays shipping and insurance. To learn more about the artist, visit Kate Wattson's studio. Kate Wattson explains her approach to still life painting for kids.   [502846]
Price: $850  

POP Artist CLARKE "Service Station" Maquette  Before moving to digital camera, noted Pop artist John Clem Clarke used maquettes--layered constructions similar to cartoon cells--to create preliminary studies for his paintings. This maquette dates from 1991 when Clarke applied paint to the back of the transparent layer. "Western Service Station" shows Clarke's vivid recollection of 50's roadside Americana. Buyer pays shipping and insurance. To learn more about this artist's working process, Visit John Clem Clarke's SoHo studio. Clarke is included in public collections including: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney Museum and Hirsh horn Museum.   [502827]
Price:  $1,800  

Lisa DINHOFER Painting "Glass Gun"  Contemporary painter Lisa Dinhofer's works are always strong statements of color and illusion. But in this painting, "Glass Gun", Dinhofer's considerable technical skills are used to make a political statement. This work was included in a museum to uring exhibition entitled "Art & The Law". It is presented as an objet d'art complete in its black molded frame. Click here to view a close-up of the painting. Dinhofer te aches drawing at the National Academy of Design (NYC) and is represented in important collections including: Brooklyn Museum, New York Public Library, Pfizer, Forbes Magazine, Cargill and IBM. Please email or phone Biddington's (212) 838-3572 9-5 ES T Mon-Fri for additional images and for more information about this intriguing painter. Buyer pays shipping and insurance on this framed work. To learn more about the artist's technique and inspiration, visit Lisa Dinhofer's SoHo studio.  [502795]
Price:  $2,500  

Painting "Chocolate Cherries" Lisa DINHOFER  Illusionist painter Lisa Dinhofer works from life painting objects with great precision and placing them in a not-quite-realistic, flattened space. This oil painting on paper is entitled "Summer 2000 #3 (Chocolate Cherries)". Dinhofer is represente d in major collections including: Brooklyn Museum, New York Public Library, Forbes Magazine, Cargill and IBM Corp. Dinhofer's 90' mural for the New York City subway (42nd Street and 8th Avenue) is scheduled to open in May 2003. This work is shipped unframed; buyer pays shipping and insurance. To learn more about this intruguing artist's technique and inspiration Visit Lisa Dinhofer's SoHo (NYC) studio.   [502792]
Price:  $2,000  

"Mittens" Encaustic Painting GILBERT RYAN  Debora Gilbert Ryan is a contemporary painter whose works are in the Pop/New Image style.This artist employs an ancient, wax-based painting technique called encaustic which gives a textural, high-relief surface; the result is a deliciously painterly Pop image. This painting whose full title is "Grey Mittens Study" is from anew series of work. Visit Debora Gilbert Ryan's Brooklyn studio. Please email or phone Biddington's (212 838 3572 EST 9-5) for more images or more information about this painting. Buy pays shipping and insurance.   [502730]
Price:  $650  

"Harvest Moon" New York Painting HANSEN  Nightime scenes combining city-scape with nature are scarce. But inhabitants and vistors to New York City are well aware that the moon appears as a striking, startling presence against the manmade structures. In this painting entitled "Harvest Moon", realist painter Patricia Hansen captures the indigo-blue richness of nightime in the City. Patricia Hansen is a painter from Georgia who lives and works in Manhattan. The artist is represented in major collections including: New Orleans Museum of Art, HBO Collection and CIT Corporation. Visit Patricia Hansen's SoHo studio. Buyer pays shipping and insurance on this painting.   [502727]
Price: $1,500  

Walter Robinson Painting "Forest" "Deep in the Forest"
This painting is from Walter Robinson's "Spin" series. This piece is signed and dated in pencil on the back. It bears exhibition stickers from: Metro Pictures (150 Greene Street, NYC) and Donald Young Gallery (Chicago).Please email or phone 212 838 3572 for more information or more images of this work. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.   [502690]
Opening Bid:$SOLD. 

Latin painting Francisco TOLEDO "Suspended" This work--a gouache on paper--by noted Mexican painter Francisco Toledo is entitled "Suspended" and dates from 1963. The work is signed lower right. The work bears stickers from Durini and from Hamilton Galleries. Please emailo r phone Biddington's (212) 838 3572 for more information. The work is available for inspection in New York City by appointment. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.   [502538]

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