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During Biddington's site upgrade, please disregard the end dates on auction items. Many of these works remain available for outright purchase. To inquire, use this PURCHASE & BIDDING FORM. Choose an item below and click on it to see more information!

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"Gateway Galaxies" Robert CUMMING  "Gateway Galaxies (small)" is the title of this gouache by contemporary American artist Robert Cumming (b.1943). The gouache is signed and dated lower right: Cumming 1982. The artist is also known for his photography. Cumming is represented in major museum exhibitions including: Museum of Contemporary Art (San Diego), Wadsworth Atheneum (Hartford) and Museum of Modern Art (New York). Please email for a photo showing this work as framed; phone Biddington's 212 838 3572 o remail for futher information. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.   [502528]

Albert IRWIN British Abstract Watercolor  This large, untitled abstract watercolor is by contemporary British artist Albert Irwin. This work dates from 1971. Albert Irwin is a notable contemporary British painter whose work is represented by Gimpel Fils--the fine Londond ealer specializingin quality British art. Please email or phone for further information. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.   [502522]

Albert IRWIN Gouache "Abyssinia XVI"  This exquisite gouache entitled "Abyssinia XVI" is by contemporary British artist Albert Irwin. This work dates from 1985 and is presented in a simple box frame. The provenance of this work is: Gimpel Fils--the fine London dealer who specializes inquality British art and who continues to represent Irwin's work. Please email or phone for further information. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.   [502521]

Pop Art Collage "Hero Sandwich" HUGHES  West Coast Pop artist LA Hughes weaves Marvel comics superheroes, (Daredevil, Invisible Woman, Spider-Man and Punisher), together with a nostalgic vignette from the 1950's lunch table, (jam on whitebread), to create "Hero Sandwich". Hughes' use ofirony is both revealing and insightful. Buyer pays shipping & insurance. Visit LA Hughes' studio.   [502499]
Price: $800

Pop Painting LA HUGHES "To Die For"  Appropriating imagery & text from the Renaissance, the US Treasury and the shop-til-you-drop crowd, West Coast pop artist LA Hughes portrays currency as a contemporary god in this watercolor collage entitled "To Die For". Buyer pays shippingand ins urance onthis work. Visit LA Hughes in her California studio.   [502497]
Price: $2,000

NAPIERALA Abstract Painting "Crystal Bullet"  In his recent multi-layered, panel paintings, New York abstract painter Jim Napierala has made works with ghostly underpainting beneath undulating shapes and softly reflective metallic surfaces. Napierala sees the curving shapes as figurative and f emale. We see this work as falling into a intriguing new creative form--emerging both in music and in visual arts--where the artist sets for himself very narrow perameters, then uses subtly altered iterations to expand the central theme. Please email or phone for more images or information on this painting or the artist. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.
Visit Jim Napierala's Manhattan studio.   [502468]
Price: $2,000

Painting European 19th Century "Man's Head" Man's Head. This small painting on panel is a study or portrait of a man. It is believed to be northern European early 19th century. The allover crackling in the paint surface is probably a result of bitumen in the paint. The paint does not appe ar to be flaking. A photo of the back of this panel is available via email. Please email or phone for suther information. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.   [502459]

Mary WALKER Oilstick Painting "Study I"  "Study I Two Part Contention" is an oil crayon drawing by sculptor Mary Walker. This oilstick drawing has a vibrating vitality that is hard to record in a photo. The work is titled, signed and dated by the artist. It is floated and framed in a simp le, but attractive, woodframe. Please email or phone for further information. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.   [502457]
Price: $SOLD.

European (Dutch?) Landscape Painting 19th Century  This painting is believed to be 19th century and northern European in origin. The flatness of the landscape at waters' edge suggests that it might be Dutch; the rigging of the boat might be a clue. The painting is in very good condition except for a piece of paint that has flaked in the lower middle and some flaking at the edges of the canvas. Please email for detail photos of these minor flaws and for a photo of the back of the canvas. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.   [502456]
Price: $650

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