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During Biddington's site upgrade, please disregard the end dates on auction items. Many of these works remain available for outright purchase. To inquire, use this PURCHASE & BIDDING FORM. Choose an item below and click on it to see more information.

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Nancy Van Deren Watercolor "Vista B"  Nancy Van Deren's watercolor entitled "Vista" is inspired by a view of the Hudson River with the Catskills in the background. Van Deren's work--including watercolors, gouaches and paintings on canvas are inspired by natural forms and landscape structure. See more of Van Deren's work. Visit Van Deren's Brooklyn studio.   [501764]

Carol BRUNS Painting "The Fed, Opulent, Boyfriend"  Carol Bruns' current series of edgy paintings deals with the interweaving themes of erotica, power and culture. This work is entitled: "The Fed, Opulent, Boyfriend". Bruns covers a paper with earth pigment--this color comes from the south of France near Roussillon--and paints that dry, pigment-covered surface with shiny enamel paint. The result is raw and assertive. Bruns' work has been exhibited by Instituto Allende (Mexico), Eighth Floor Gallery (NYC), Harnett Murray Gallery (NYC) & Art In ititatives (NYC) among many others. View more of Carol Bruns works--both paintings and bronzes--in Biddington's Contemporary Art Gallery. Visit Carol Bruns Dumbo (Brooklyn) studio.   [501592]

TROUILLEBERT Watercolor River Landscape River Landscape was painted by the 19th century French landscape painter Paul Trouillebert (1829-1900). This watercolor is signed lower left P Trouillebert. A photo of the signature and a large detail of the painting are available by emailing: web master@biddingtons.com. The painting is in a substantial, flower-decorated plaster frame. The watercolor is in very good condition, but the frame is dropping some of its petals.   [501496]

CLAVERIE French Painting 19th Century Jules Justin Claverie (1859-1932) painted this country village scene. Detailed photos of the tree and the figures are available by emailing: webmaster@biddingtons.com. The piece is framed in a basic French gilt frame.   [501494]

John Clem CLARKE Pop Drawing "Elopement" This maquette (study) is for a Pop Art painting entitled "Elopement" which was illustrated in the catalogue of John Clem Clarke's show--Comforts, Near Disasters, and Pentimenti--at the Allentown Art Museum. Clarke plans his paintings using an overlay process similar to that used by animation artists. The top layer is the linear structure and the layer beneath the color composition. When the work is projected onto a large canvas a nd is painted, it transforms into a more refined object. These studies, called maquettes, are raw --sometimes slightly messy--oftimes gorgeously painted. Clarke is represented in major museum collections such as the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art and Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) and has shown with OK Harris & Meisel (NYC) and Wasserman Galeries (Munich & Cologne.) The artist's extensive auction price historyincludes recent sales from $2000-$18,000. B Visit John Clem Clarke's Soho studio.  [501491]

John Clem CLARKE POP Painting "Hole"  Pop Artist John Clem Clarke uses familiar objects as subjects for his paintings. In Hole in Ground with Shovel, Clarke has tried to make the painting appear to be a simple illustration. Upon closer inspection, the colors and compostional structure grow ever richer and more complex. Clarke has an extensive museum collection, public commissions and auction record pedigree. (Recent auction prices range from about $2000-$18,000). The Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney Museum of American Art (New York) and the Los Angeles County Museum all have examples of his work in their collections. Visit John Clem Clarke's Soho studio. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.   [501488]

FREHM Abstract Painting "Cat's Eye" Lynne Frehm is a New York abstract painter. Painted in 1997, Cat's Eye is stylistically typical of Frehm's recent work. One critic wrote: "Lynne Frehm's paintings dazzle the eye, they are a visual celebration of pure and high-toned paint." "The s tyle... is straightforward abstract expressionism and incorporates all the passion and sincerity inherent in that genre."--JC Wilkinson REVIEW ART. For the past 25 years Frehm has exhibited at major New York City galleries including Andre Zarre, Ruth Siegel and Allan Stone. Read Biddington's CREATIVE PROCESS for more information about this established New York painter. .   [501325]

French Painting ZAVARO "Little Bather"  Albert Zavaro (b.1925- ) paints joyous figures basking in the light and calm of Mediterranean beaches. Petite Baigneuse dans les Vagues is very typical of this Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris educated student of Untersteller and Brianchon.Za varo has been exhibited by major galleries in France, the US and Japan. The provenance of this painting is Galerie Framond in Paris who started showing Zavaro in 1958. Buyer pays shipping and insurance. The painting may be viewed, by appointment in New York City by emailing or phoning Biddington's (212 838 3572 Mon-Fri 9-5 ET).   [501218]

Garbell Oil L'Enfant Devant Le Port  School of Paris painter Alexandre Garbell (1903-1970) painted this scene of a child at dockside in 1968. Executed in oil on paper, the colors are intense--and very stable & long lasting. Born in Riga, Garbell moved to Paris in 1923; his first soloe xhibitions were with Galerie Carmine and Galerie Fabre et Benezit. Garbell also showed regularly at Galerie Jeanne Castel and Mouradian & Valloton in the years before WWII. He also participated in the major Salons such as the Salon Des Surindependan ts, Salon des Tuileries, Salon d'Automne, etc. The provenance of this work is Galerie Framond, Paris who gave Garbell a retrospective in 1970--the year he died. This piece is appropriately matted and framed. Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Thi s work may be viewed in New York City by appointment: telephone Biddington's: (212) 838 3572 Mon-Fri 9-5 ET.   [501203]

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