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"Fugitive Images"
Abstract Paintings on Paper

Offered for Sale at
Biddington's Contemporary Art Gallery

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Small Paintings

Garrison Buxton abstract painting NGC 604 Giant Stellar Nursery Garrison Buxton abstract painting Chandra Garrison Buxton abstract painting CG4
NGC 604: Giant
Stellar Nursery
Chandra Deep Field CG4: A Ruptured
Cometary Globule
Garrison Buxton abstract painting Multiplicationary Buxton abstract painting Halo of the Cat's Eye Buxton abstract painting Lagoon Nebula Buxton abstract painting NGC 1818
Multiplicationary Halo of
the Cat's Eye
The Lagoon Nebula
in Three Colors
NGC 1818: A Young
Globular Cluster

Large Paintings

Buxton abstract painting Unusual Gullies I Buxton abstract paintingUnusual Gullies II Garrison Buxton abstract painting Starburst Galaxy Buxton abstract Io Buxton abstract painting Shell Game
Unusual Gullies &
Channels on Mars I
Unusual Gullies &
Channels on Mars II
Galaxy M94
Io at Sunset Shell Game in NGC 300


Peekskill Meteorite abstract triptych Garrison Buxton Muon Wobble abstract triptych Buxton
The Car, the Hole
& the Peekskill Meteorite
Muon Wobble Possible Door
to Supersymmetric Universe

In his series "Fugitive Images", Garrison Buxton employs printmaking skills to create unique works on paper. The small paintings suggest cellular or cosmic forms.

For certain larger paintings and triptychs, Buxton uses more stable materials for "flash printing" the images. In their drawing and layering of paint, these compositions build on the tradition of gestural abstraction.

Biddington's Abstract Art Gallery

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Prices of these works: $750-$2200.

For more information email Biddington's at: referencing GARRISON BUXTON + title of artwork.

TELEPHONE ORDERS may be placed by calling:
212 838 3572 Mon-Fri 9-5 ET.
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