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Jim Napierala abstract painting  Todd Bellanca abstract paintingNancy Van Deren abstract painting Betty Winkler abstract painting
Jim Napierala
Todd Bellanca
Nancy Van Deren
Betty Winkler

21st Century Abstraction

A style of abstract painting is evolving that uses elements of late 50's hard-edge abstraction, late 60's Colorfield painting and an Asian aesthetic of harmony and stillness. At Biddington's we have dubbed this very 21st century type of painting "Cool Abstraction" or "Zen Abstraction" because of its balanced, centered feel. To date, this style has no official name in the art lexicon. Cool Abstraction has a very different sensibility from the gestural, emotive Abstract Expressionism.

The artists grouped here exhibit various aspects of that emerging style: Napierala and Bellanca start with very loose references to figures and space; both artists create paintings whose appearance changes markedly with shifts in light. Both Van Deren and Winkler begin with perceptions of nature and make paintings whose intention is to recreate that sensation.

Price Range: $350-$10,000

James Burnett oil on canvas Wilber Flats 7 Lynne Frehm abstract paintingRichard Mock abstract painting Diane Churchill abstract painting Charlie Hewitt abstract painting
James Burnett
Lynne Frehm
Richard Mock
Diane Churchill
Charlie Hewitt

New York Abstract Painting

The artists grouped here are attached more firmly to the conventions of Abstract Expressionism, but employ this heritage in varied and interesting ways:

James Burnett's abstracts begin with a landscape sensibility; Burnett's refined, painterly work is perhaps the most classic of this abstract group. The most gestural, visibly Abstractionist Expressionist painter of the group Lynne Frehm takes sources such as Willem De Kooning and Joan Mitchell and pushes their ideas into denser structure and bolder color--to the point that Frehm's work is almost baroque in character. Also high color, Richard Mock's abstract paintings focus on the quality of the paint itself but with an interest in pattern overtaking gesture. Diane Churchill's abstract works show Eastern influence in color selection and in calligraphic gesture. Charlie Hewitt uses stencil as well as brushwork to add layers to his abstract works--but with vastly different results.

Price Range: $500-$20,000

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