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Figurative Sculpture

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Awakening Rooster bent iron sculpture Dream of the Architect Astorga assemblage sculpture Little Fox Astorga assemblage sculpture Metamorphosis Astorga assemblage sculpture Life is a Dream Astorga assemblage sculpture
Awakening Rooster Dream of the Architect Little Fox
Hidden in the Tree

of a Dream
Life is a Dream
Tamuin Face Astorga sculpture Javier Astorga sculpture Like fireworks Teenager large Astorga sculpture Tancuayalab stainless steel construction Javier Astorga sculpture Mictlantecuhtli
Tamuin Face Como una pirotecnia... The Teenager
Life-Size Steel Sculpture
Mask of
Dove small stainless steel sculpture Javier Astorga sculpture Chair Steel Sketch Horse Javier Astorga  sculpture Bottle Javier Astorga iron sculpture Bull
The Dove Chair in the Mist Steel Sketch for
Horse of the Wind
The Bottle Under the
Shadow of the Bull
Hueyatl Face sheet metal sculpture Javier Astorga sculpture TamTok 13jastudiohorsefr Wood and iron sculpture La guadalupana welded iron sculpture
Hueyatl Face Sculptor of TamTok Large Model for
Horse of the Wind
Prints of the
Song on Earth
La Guadalupana

Using welded iron, stainless steel and tension wire to make figurative sculpture, Javier Astorga mines the rich visual heritages of Mexico and Europe.

Artist's studio visit with
Xochimilco, Mexico.

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Prices range from $900 to $6500.
Buyer pays shipping and insurance.

TO ASK A QUESTION or for information on sculpture commissions,
referencing JAVIER ASTORGA + title of artwork.

TELEPHONE ORDERS may be placed by calling: 212 838 3572 Mon-Fri 9-5 ET.
Biddington's accepts payment by Visa, Mastercard, personal check or money order.

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