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During Biddington's site upgrade, please disregard the end dates on auction items. Many of these works remain available for outright purchase. To inquire, use this PURCHASE & BIDDING FORM. Choose an item below and click on it to see more information!

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"Meditation J" Betty WINKLER Etching  In her "Meditation" series of paintings and etchings, Betty Winkler deals with light (and darkness), motion and space. Winkler describes how she achieves a remarkable depth and richness in this series of etchings in her printmaking process notes. Betty Winkler Studio Visit. View additional Betty Winkler worksfor sale.   [503320]

"Salon de The" Bernard CATHELIN Lithograph  "Salon de The" is a six-color lithograph by French artist Bernard Cathelin (b.1920). #44 in the Roger Passeron catalogue "Cathelin Lithographe 1957-1986"; this lithograph appears both in a listing and as an image. It is signed in pencil but not n umbered. The catalogue reads: "Greeting cards were printed on Arches and signed, but not numbered." This accounts for the image size and the paper size being the same. This lithograph has been mounted onto a cardboard backing. View detail of mounting and signature.   [503048]
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CHERVIN Latin American Etching "Retrato A"  Latin American artist Catalina Chervin's etching "Retrato (Portrait) A" is a psychological portrait rooted in Surrealism. Art historian Graciela Kartofel calls these elegant, semi-figurative works "the union of the visceral with the spiritual". Chervin loves the subtlety and depth the printmaking process gives her work. This original etching is from a signed and numbered edition of 50. Learn more about Catalina Chervin's working process. Chervin in represented in major collections including: Albertina (Vienna), Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (Buenos Aires) and Bochum Museum (Germany). Image close-up. View more works for sale by Catalina Chervin.   [502921]

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