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Art for sale by abstract, still life, realist, landscape, Pop, conceptual and digital artists as well as printmakers, photographers and sculptors.

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Lisa DINHOFER Painting "Wings" Lisa Dinhofer paints in a very precise illlusionistic technique. This painting on panel entitled "Wings" is typical of Dinhofer's imagery: toys, textiles and reflections. Dinhofer's paintings read abstractly, but become ever more resolved the close r one gets to the surface. To learn more about her illusionistic painting style, visit Lisa Dinhofer's SoHo studio.

Lisa DINHOFER Painting "Marble Field #6" Illusionistic painter Lisa Dinhofer creates a compressed, imaginary space then fills it with precisely painted objects--in this case embroidered shawls, marbles, paperweights and scarabs. This painting entitled "Marble Field #6" is a long painting r oughly divided into 3 parts. Please note: this image shows the central part of the painting. Click to view entire painting.

Lisa DINHOFER painting Carnivale Illusionistic painter Lisa Dinhofer creates a compressed, imaginary space then fills it with precisely painted objects. The result is fascinating--if slightly disorienting. This painting entitled "Carnivale" dates from the late 80's when Dinhofer's work had an overall patterned quality with a tonality slightly more subdued than her most recent work. Visit Lisa Dinhofer's SoHo (NYC) studio.

Voting in American MOCK Linocut Print Noted editorial illustrator Richard Mock created this linocut print depicting the plight of the American voter in the 2000 election: beset by nattering media, holding his nose, turning his head and shooing away flies to cast a vote into an antiquate d voting box overseen by a blind monkey. Richard Mock's work has appeared frequently in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, UN publications and other major print media and is represented in collections including the New York Public Library, M etropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Fine Art (Boston). ITEM NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Gary SLIPPER Painting "Clairvoyant's Daughter This work "Clairvoyant's Daughter" is an important work by artist Gary Slipper who lives and works in San Miguel de Allende (Mexico). This painting is pictured in the catalogue "El Nuevo Manierismo" (Mannerism Revisited) of the show mounted by Mu seo de la Cuidad Santiago de Queretaro (Mexico). Although born in Canada, Gary Slipper is included in this exhibition with other important proponents of new Latin American painting such as Rafael Coronel and Benjamin Dominquez. Visit Gary Slipper's Studio.

Patricia HANSEN City-scape "Police Building Sunset" Nightime scenes combining city-scape with nature are scarce. But inhabitants and vistors to New York City are well aware how the evening light paints the city. In this painting entitled "Police Building-Sunset", realist painter Patricia Hansen captures the golden dusk. (The view is looking eastward from SoHo across Little Italy.)

"Fall of Icarus" Painting Gary SLIPPER "Fall of Icarus" is an oil on canvas by fantasy painter Gary Slipper. The mythological theme is a typical one for Slipper who frequently uses such stories as a basis for his own imaginative compositions. In this work, poor fallen Icarus is a minor character in the throbbing world onto which he crashes. Slipper has used a very finely-tuned value range in creating this work which reads as a subtle landscape of all-over pattern . To learn more about the artist, visit Gary Slipper's San Miguel de Allende studio.

Gary SLIPPER Painting "Queen of Hearts" "Queen of Hearts" is a large acrylic on canvas by fantasy painter Gary Slipper whose subject matter deals with mysticism and magic. Slipper's finely tuned colors and captivating visual rhythms draw the viewer into his paintings. To learn how the a rtist creates these delicate, luminous surfaces, visit Gary Slipper's San Miguel de Allende studio.

"Drug of Choice: Handbags" GH HOVAGIMYAN Laser Print In the early 1990's Pop/Conceptual artist GH HOVAGIMYAN took a hard look at the intentions of print adve rtising. Designers like Gucci, Cartier and Fendi presented their goods with the reverence of a religious relic. In his "Drug of Choice" series, Hovagimyan, compares these objects of desire with other known addictive substances. In "Handbags" the product shot is accompanied by a questionnaire on needle use by addicts. (Please note: the large title does not appear on the artwork.)

"Faux Conceptual Art--Boxed Edition" GH HOVAGIMYAN By the mid-90's, artist GH HOVAGIMYAN had determined that Conceptual Art was entering into its "mannered " phase. So, he created a body of work that was a play on the highly intellectualized, self-consciousness of Conceptual Art--he called his work "Faux Conceptual Art". In this set--a-museum-show-in-a-box--Hovagimyan does a riff on many contemporary a rt icons: it includes a price list from a Joseph Kosuth show (conceptual artists were not supposed to create "commodity" art), a proposal for a built project called "Spiral Jaunty" (a playon the Smithson's landart "Spiral Jetty", "Fibonacci Series with Calculators", "Zero Sum with Glitz" and, a personal favorite, "Barbie Meets Richard Serra" in which Serra's work is presented as a house of cards. This boxed set of 12 boards is on museum quality rag paper.

GH HOVAGIMYAN "Church, Flag, Artist, Grant" C-Print "Church, Flag, Artist, Grant" in from GH Hovagimyan's Conceptual Art series of prints entitled "Surveys and Questionnaires". The image on the left is of the artist himself--t astefully draped in an American flag; the form on the right is a blow-up of an National Endowment for the Arts grant application. (Please note: the large title words do not appear on the artwork. Click here for a more detailed image.) This C-print and Xerox is from an edition of three.

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