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Lisa Dinhofer still life painting Patricia Hansen floral still life paintingBill Murphy still life drawing Laura Shechter painting Vivian Tsao interior painting Kate Wattson still life painting
Lisa Dinhofer
Patricia Hansen
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Bill Murphy
Laura Shechter
Vivian Tsao
Kate Wattson

21st Century Still Life Paintings

Art need not shock to be new and significant. The artists working in still life make contemporary statements through relatively subtle means within the parameters of representational art. To make a successful still life, substantial technical skill is required. Each artist shown here is well-versed in the history of this genre. So when an artist departs from or "pushes" this tradition, it's a decision--not an accident. Because the works depict recognizable objects, still life painting is included within the category of realism..

The range of still life subject matter may be narrow, but the stylistic span is broad:
At the extremes of the stylistic spectrum are the meticulous-realist, non-atmospheric works of Laura Shechter versus the painterly, light-formed interiors of Vivian Tsao. Each artist within this genre explores and advances particular aspects of still life painting: Lisa Dinhofer is concerned with reflections & video-monitor space, Bill Murphy with line & vantage point, Kate Wattson with color and Patricia Hansen with virtuoso technique.

Price Range: $160-$12,000

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