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PS 6 Art Club Illustrates United Nations Ideals

The United Nations Correspondents Association sponsors a contest for professional political cartoonists. The winning cartoons are chosen for their ability to enhance, explain and encourage the spirit and the principles of the United Nations.

Mr. Mock asked the 4th graders in the Art Club at PS (Public School) #6 in New York City to make their own political cartoons illustrating these United Nations ideals: respect for other people, friendship among nations and concern for the environment. Each Art Club child made an illustration with a slogan--a drawing plus words to help explain the picture.

"When you draw, you think, " says Mr. Mock. So, he coaches the children to use mostly black markers (sharpy's) or soft pencils and not too much color.

This exhibition will take a minute to load; please scroll down the page to see all the drawings.

Editorial drawing Friendship

"LBFS Let's Be Friends"
drawing by Jessica Sherrod

Editorial illustration Animal Protection

"Save the Animals"
drawing by Sebastian

Editorial illustration No Wars

"No Wars! No Wars!"
drawing by Emily Siegel

Editorial drawing Clean Earth

"Keep Our Earth Clean"
drawing by Danielle Lisbon

Editorial cartoon Friendship

"Why Can't We All Be Friends!!!"
drawing by Joey Steigelman

Editorial pencil drawing Small World

"It's a Small World, but Many People.
There's Lots of Room for Friendship"
pencil drawing by Andrea Rosengarten

Editorial illustration Brotherhood

"Friendship in the World"
drawing by Tess Law

Editorial cartoon Brotherhood

"One for All--Let's All Be Friends"
drawing by Laura Genes

Editorial illustration World Unity

"Different People Unite:
Make the World a Better Place"
drawing by Kocie Tergesen

Editorial drawing Cooperation

"Let's Be Friends!"
drawing by Isaiah Crossman

Editorial drawing Put Down Your Guns

"Put Down Your Guns and Put Up your Hands"
drawing by Tschaba Self

Editorial illustration Respect

"We Deserve Respect, Too"
drawing by Ken Siu

Editorial cartoon Peace

"Peace on Earth"
pencil drawing with marker by Liza Garrin

Editorial cartoon Friendship

"Friendship Society Takes over Brainwash"
drawing by A.J.

Editorial illustration Ecology

"I'm Just Kidding, Smokey"
drawing by Mark Davis

Editorial illustration Cultural Diversity

"Can We Be Friends? We Are All Different"
drawing by Suzannah

Editorial cartoon Good World

"Good World/Bad World"
drawing by Corey

Editorial drawing United Countries

"United Countrys!!! 1 World!!"
drawing by Diana Gopstein

PROJECT IDEA: Make a Political Cartoon

Find a news story about your town on television, radio or in the newspaper.
Make a drawing with a slogan (words) to show what you think about the story.
1) Think about the news story: How would you feel if it happened to you?
2) You don't need to know how to draw. Mr. Mock says "You can draw anything you want with sausages and circles."

WHO IS Mr. Mock?
Richard Mock is an editorial illustrator and fine artist. His linocut prints have been published extensively on the op-ed page of The New York Times and in the United Nations Development Forum POPULI. Richard Mock's work is represented in major collections including: New York Public Library, Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC), Brooklyn Museum, Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), High Museum (Atlanta), Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Chase Manhattan Bank, Readers Digest and HBO. Learn more about Richard Mock's printmaking and painting.

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