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Azara's Interchurch Show with Crescent and Leaf

Nancy AZARA "Memorial to Spirit"
475 Riverside Drive (120th Street), New York City
September 5-October 4, 2002

Exhibition of painted, gilded, silvered & encaustic bas-relief carvings and wood sculpture
by sculptor and feminist art movement founder Nancy Azara
at the Interchurch Center curated by Dorothy Cochran.

Click to view details of bas-reliefs and gilded carving (above)
Red Leaves & Spiral Crescent.

Click to view details (below) of Changes bas relief carved, painted, gilded, silvered &/or encaustic panels.

Nancy Azara carved bas relief panels Nancy Azara carved bas relief panels

Nancy Azara carved Book

Click to view details of Lost Red Moon Book.

Nancy Azara Red Wings Memorial and Foot Box

Click to view details of sculptures including
Red Wings Memorial for 9/11, Foot Box and Heart of Remembrance for 9/11.

View bronze sculpture, wood carvings, rubbings and mixed-media drawings by Nancy Azara offered for sale in
Biddington's Contemporary Art Gallery.
Price range: $375-$7500

Contact BIDDINGTON'S by phone: 212 838 3572 Mon-Fri 9-5 ET for further information.

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