Biddington's Contemporary Sculpture Gallery


BIDDINGTON'S Sculptor Interviews:
Nancy Azara: Abstract Wood Carving Technique
Tova Beck-Friedman Myth & Memory in Modular Ceramic Sculpture
Harry Gordon: Working Techniques in Monumental Wood & Stone Sculpture
Janet Goldner: Influence of Africa and Textiles on Welded Steel Sculpture
Richard Heinrich: Musical Structure in Welded Steel Sculpture
Frances Jetter: Humor & Humanity in Bronze Sculpture
Joseph Reeder: Abstract Ceramic Sculpture &Shaped Works on Paper
Annemarie Slipper: Influence of Mexico & Myth on Ceramic & Bronze Sculpture
Rein Triefeldt: Kinetic Sculpture in Circus & Athletics
Serena Tallarigo: Selecting & Carving Marble & Stone
Edward Walsh: Figurative Sculpture in Rich, Durable Materials
Sigmund Abeles: Studio Visit with Expressive Realist Artist who Sculpts in Bronze & Synthetic Resins

BIDDINGTON'S online Contemporary Sculpture Gallery features contemporary American sculptors as well as sculptors from the world at large. The gallery offers for sale fine sculpture in a variety of styles with diverse sources of inspiration:   figurative, landscape, realist & abstract. These artworks are realized in a broad range of media:  cast bronze, carved wood, welded steel, glazed ceramic, resin, carved marble, granite and other stone in prices ranging from $675 to $70,000. The scale of sculpture available ranges from small desktop statues to monumental scale sculpture suitable for siting in outdoor sculpture gardens.


Nancy Azara wood bas-relief carvings
Nancy Azara:  Abstract wood bas-reliefs with painted, metallic and encaustic surfaces, mixed-media carvings and gilded bronze sculpture with a spiritual focus. Small to large scale.
Changes: Small Trio (left)
More Azara sculpture and bas-reliefs.

Tova Beck-Friedman clay modular sarcophagi
Tova Beck-Friedman:  Clay, pulped paper and ferro-cement sculpture inspired by ancient, mythic themes. Small to large scale.
Small Sarcophagi Clay Sculpture (left)
More Beck-Friedman sculpture and installations

Janet Golnder welded steel vessel
Janet Goldner:  Welded steel sculpture blending politics and folk art. Desktop to large scale.
Isms (left) Welded Steel Vessel
More Goldner steel sculpture, screens and books.

Harry Gordon wood sculpture
Harry Gordon:  Wood, granite & bronze carved sculpture. Small to monumental scale.
Orchard (left) Carved Wood Sculpture

Richard Heinrich welded steel sculpture
Richard Heinrich:  Surrealist-influenced welded steel and bronze sculpture. Small to large scale.
Mingus II (left) Steel Life-Size Sculpture

Frances Jetter bronze dress
Frances Jetter:  Loosely figurative bronze and aluminum sculpture with humor and pathos. Medium scale.
Dress (left) Wall-mounted Gilded Bronze Sculpture
More Jetter sculpture.

Joseph Reeder ceramic sculpture
Joseph Reeder:  Abstract glazed ceramic sculpture and formed paper bas-reliefs. Small to medium scale.
Blue Plate (left) Glazed Ceramic

Annemarie Slipper ceramic sculpture
Annemarie Slipper:  Figurative ceramic and bronze sculpture inspired by ancient and Latin American cultures. Small to medium scale.
The Prince (left) Fired Ceramic
More Slipper sculpture: Moonstone (bronze). Female Torso (clay).

Serena Tallarigo landscape sculpture
Serena Tallarigo:  Abstract and landscape-inspired carved marble sculpture from Italy. Medium scale.
Horizon III (left) Carved 4-piece Marble Table-top Sculpture
More Tallarigo marble and stone sculpture.

Rein Triefeldt kinetic sculpture
Rein Triefeldt:  Circus and athletics inspired kinetic metal sculpture. Desktop to large scale.
Whale (left) Small Kinetic Sculpture

Edward Walsh Vermont marble sculpture
Edward Walsh:  Figurative polished stainless steel, marble & bronze sculpture Small to large scale.
Stepping Out Vermont Marble Sculpture (left)
More Walsh sculpture.

Sigmund Abeles resin sculpture
Sigmund Abeles: Expressive realist sculpture in synthetic resins and bronze. "Little Girl" (right).
Sigmund Abeles' primary oeuvre is in other media, but he also makes sculpture. Please email us for further information on Abeles' sculpture.

As a service to purchasers, Biddington's can provide experts and expert advice on moving, siting and caring for outdoor sculpture. Many of the pieces offered (especially those carved in wood) can be cast in bronze. Also, the smaller bronzes can be cast in larger sizes specific to client's needs. Enquire for prices on commissioned bronzes.

Biddington's Pedigree & Provenance discusses bronze patina.

For more information email Biddington's referencing ARTIST NAME + title of artwork.

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