"Wilbur Flats #22"
Abstract Painting

Biddingtons's #:  504376
Price:  $850.00

Dimensions:  30 X 22 inches
Date:  2005
Condition:  Very Good
Materials:  Gouache and Watercolor
on Paper, Matted
Country of Origin:  USA


James Burnett abstract painting on paper Wilbur Flats 22

Description: In this calligraphic painting in blue and black from 2005, James Burnett adds to his long-running "Lost Cities" series of paintings whose subject is idealized places--civilizations of the mind. Over time, this series has included tiny gouaches and large oils, all with abstracted landscape structure. "Wilbur Flats 22" is painted with a brush as broad as a housepainter's with a few confident strokes that place Burnett firmly in the camp of the gestural abstract painters. View large image. With simplicity and conviction, Burnett melds Chinese and American traditions and distills painting to its vital essence.

"Wilbur Flats #22" is painted in gouache and watercolor on paper. This bold piece can certainly stand alone, but it also forms a nice pair (or trio) with the related paintings Wilbur Flats #21 (gold and black) and Wilbur Flats #23 (red and black) providing ample space is available to properly display such strong images.

Read more about the background of this abstract painter in James Burnett studio visit. View more paintings by James Burnett.
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