Patricia Hansen
"Golden Fish"

Item#:  504342
Price:  $5000.00

Item's Dimensions:  36.5" x 36.5"
Item's Year of Issue:  1999
Condition:  Very Good
Materials:  Oil on Canvas
Country of Origin:  USA


Patricia Hansen still life Golden Fish

Description: Realist artist Patricia Hansen paints flora and fauna with equal perception and joy. So, it's no surprise that this bold, handsome fish captured her eye. In her subject selection and paint handling in this unusual still life, Patricia Hansen harkens back to 17th century Dutch painters who, too, reveled in depicting the rich abundance of the kitchen. View painting detail. On a more contemporary note, the artist adds a stamped border of jumping fish suggesting a whole sea of such glorious creatures. View border detail. This painting is on a 3" deep canvas; the grey painted and gold stamped border serves as the frame for the 28" square central image.

San Francisco Chronicle art critic Kenneth Baker wrote: "What makes Patricia Hansen a realist, more than just a fine representational painter, is that her paintings are a lesson in seeing."

Hansen's work is represented in major corporate collections including: American Express, CIT Corporation, McGraw Hill Publishing, HBO Collection & Coca Cola. View studio visit with realist painter Patricia Hansen as well as information on portrait commissions. View more still life paintings by Patricia Hansen
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