Betty WINKLER Painting "Passages #14"
Item#:  504020
Price:  $750.00

Item's Dimensions:   22" x 14.5"
Item's Year of Issue:  2002
Condition:  Very Good
Materials:   Oilstick on Inked Paper
Country of Origin:  USA


Betty WINKLER painting Passages Number 14

Description: In her "Passages" series of paintings on paper, Betty Winkler deals with movement through space. Winkler's work is always about experience; the artist layers materials in a way that is as rich and tactile as the experience she describes. This artist evokes a natural world, a place "where straight edges and flat colors do not exist". Winkler has exhibited in the US, Europe & South America. Betty Winkler Studio Visit. View additional Betty Winkler works for sale. Buyer pays shipping and insurance as calculated at checkout.
Offered by: Biddington's Contemporary Art
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