Catalina CHERVIN
Ink Drawing

Biddington's Item#:  503708
Price:  $8,000.00

Dimensions:  14.5" x 14.5" image;
23" x 29" paper
Date:  2001
Condition:  Very Good
Materials:  Ink on Strathmore 500 Paper
Country of Origin:  Argentina


Cataline Chervin ink drawing Images

Description: Argentine artist Catalina Chervin creates her drawings from a self-imposed chaos of fine lines. Assiduous in her selection of quality materials, Chervin chooses a specific type of paper then "battles with it". So, the materials themselves play a significant role in the nature of each drawing. View detail from this drawing. Bochum Museum director Sepp Hiekisch-Picard writes: "Visible reality, to be measured with the eyes, is but a minimal part of the reality of the universe and human existence. Man is also a chemical, mineral being--he is both becoming and dying at the same time... Catalina Chervin creates models of contemplation for an authentic and fundamental vision of man's being."

Catalina Chervin is represented in museum collections in the USA, South America, and Europe including: Brooklyn Museum (New York), Princeton University Museum (New Jersey), British Museum (London) Albertina (Vienna), Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (Buenos Aires) and Bochum Museum (Germany). To know more the artist, see this photo-interview: Catalina Chervin, Latin American Surrealist Artist.

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