Navajo Sandcast Yei Necklace
Item#:  503684
Price:  $285.00

Item's Dimensions:  Overall length 21.5"
Item's Year of Issue:  Circa 1970
Condition:  Very Good
Materials:  Silver and turquoise
Country of Origin:  USA--shipped from New York


Navajo Indian Yei Necklace

Description: This charming vintage sandcast Navajo necklace includes two rainbow gods (Yei) sheltering a cornstalk--testament to the life or death importance of rain to the peoples of the arid Southwest. Because it is a key item in the traditional diet, corn is one of the four plants sacred to the Navajo. Each curving Yei measures 4" long and includes hand-stamped details. The central cornstalk element measures 2.5" high and is embellished with a single turquoise stone. The necklace is marked "4B" and is stamped "sterling".

Offered by: Biddington's Contemporary Art
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