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John Clem CLARKE "Alaska Cafe" Print
Product Offered by Liz (100005)
Item's Dimensions: 8" x 9.9" image; 11.2 x 12.5 sheet
Item's Year of Issue: Printed 1999
Condition: Excellent
Materials: Mixed media print
Country of Origin: USA--shipped from NY
Description: "Alaska Cafe" is a delightfully quirky image by John Clem Clarke who combines illustration techniques fused with Pop Art imagery. The print is pencil-signed, titled and hand-numbered by the artist from a very limited print edition of only 5.Theprintis taken from a maquette--a working model from which Clarke makes his large paintings. So, it has the freshness of an artwork in process; Clarke reworked each print slightly after printing. The maquette is "retired" by snippingoff a corner after theprint edition is run. ( Learn more about John Clem Clarke's painting process by visiting his Soho studio. ) The signed print is laminated in a plastic sheath,so it can be exhibited on a tabletop as well as on a wall. Buyer pays shipping and insurancecosts.
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Item#: 503197
Total Units: 4
Minimum Quantity: 1
Sold: 0
Available: 4
Price: $350
Sale Ends: 06/03/02 1:00PM (EST)

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