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Pop Painting "Angel Shoes" LA HUGHES
Item#: 502498
Price: $4,500

Item's Dimensions: 42.75" X 32.75"; framed 52" X 41.75"
Item's Year of Issue: 1997
Condition: Very Good
Materials: Paper collage
Country of Origin: USA--California

Description: Gathering information from the Italian Renaissance (Madonna), Hollywood (Dorothy's red shoes) and Andy Warhol, West Coast pop artist LA Hughes literally weaves the data together to make this contemporary icon. Visually, these pixel-ated works are simultaneously intriguing and frustrating. View detail. Please email or phone Biddington's for more information on the artist. Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Visit LA Hughes in her California studio.

Offered by Biddington's Contemporary Art: Liz (100005)
Item#: 502498
Price: $4,500
Total Units: 1
Minimum Quantity: 1
Sold: 0
Available: 1
Item Listing End Date: 02/26/03 1:00PM (EST)
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