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Harry GORDON Monumental Oak Sculpture "Hineni"
Item#: 502105--NOT FOR SALE.
Price: Approximate price $60,000

Item's Dimensions: 16' X 23' X 8'
Item's Year of Issue: 1992
Condition: Very Good
Materials: White Oak
Country of Origin: USA
Shipping: Buyer pays shipping and siting expenses.

Description: This sculpture "Hineni" is no longer available. But it may be possible to commission a similar artwork:

Depending on the availability of suitable, large-scale materials, Harry Gordon will consider commissions for monumental-scale sculpture of this genre. Please email or phone Biddington's at 212 838-3572 Mon-Fri 9-5 ET for further information about the process of commissioning such a sculpture.

"Hineni" is a superb example of Harry Gordon's monumental scale sculpture. "Hineni" translates as "Here I am". Noted art dealer Andre Emmerich, described Gordon's work as "looming like legendary giants". This sculpture, carved from white oak, is 23' long and 16' high and has a gesture--and presence--of a larger-than-life being.

Please email for more information about the artist whose works are on view at many major sculpture gardens throughout the US. Visit Harry Gordon's studio and learn more about the process, materials and siting of Gordon's wood and stone sculpture.

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