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ART Book: Probing the Earth
Product Offered by Liz (100005)
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Item's Dimensions: 100 pages--40 bw plates
Item's Year of Issue: 1977
Condition: Very Good
Materials: Softcover
Country of Origin: Smithsonian Institution Press--USA
Description: This book on site-specific, land-form sculpture is actually the catalogue produced to accompany a major earthworks show at the Hirshhorn Museum. The book includes text & photos of works by the most important land forming and site sculptors of the 70's: Michael Heizer, Charles Simonds, Richard Long, Nancy Holt and, of course, Robert Smithson. (Shipping and handling included within the US.)
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Item #: 501969
Quantity Available: 1
Bid Increments: $1
Starting Bid: $20
Auction Ends: 02/06/03 1:00PM (EST)

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