Richard Mock
"A Mad Sea Captain Charts a Course Up the Amazon "
Abstract Painting

Biddington's Archive #:  501591
Dimensions:  72 x 60 inches
Date:  1994
Materials:  Oil on Canvas
Richard Mock abstract painting A Mad Sea Captain

Description: Whether making painterly abstracts or carving linocut prints, New York artist Richard Mock (1944-2006) employed a tight rhythmic structure. In this large abstract entitled (rather wittily) "A Mad Sea Captain Charts a Course Up the Amazon", this compositional framework lets Mock paint with great freedom creating a filmy, fluid, nearly iridescent surface without sacrificing a sense of order. Richard Mock's command of color and tonal relationships sends lesser artists back to their color theory notes. View large overall image plus paint detail of the paint surface of this 6 x 5 foot vertical painting. This piece dates from the mid-90's when Richard Mock's studio was in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. The nearby water and its reflections were a day to day reality that influenced his work.

Richard Mock is represented in museums including: Museum of Modern Art (New York), Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), National Museum of American Art, (Washington), Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Museo de Monterrey (Mexico), National Museum of Australia (Canberra). Read more about the techniques and background of this abstract painter in Richard Mock studio visit at Biddington's CREATIVE PROCESS.
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