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Hillier's Manual of Trees & Shrubs This 5th edition of the plant encyclopedia published by Hillier's reknowned British nurserymen. It covers 8000 plants and included many color photos.Shipping included within the US.   [501126]
Price: $18  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/14/03 1:00PM

Ornamental Grasses and Bamboos This brochure is one of the fine series published by Wisley--part of the Royal Horticultural Society. It has photos--some color & some b/w--on grass varieties and offers info on cultivation and hardiness. Shipping included within the US.   [501125]
Price: $6  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/19/03 1:00PM

A Celebration of Mazes A brief history of mazes for the Cretan labyrinth to modern British mazes. It is illustrated in black and white with many maze layouts. Also included is a list of British mazes open to the public. Who knew ? Shipping included within the US.   [501123]
Price: $6  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/17/03 1:00PM

Pocket Guide to Garden Plants This is a pocket encyclopedia of 2000 plants with many color photos by Hugh Johnson and Paul Miles. (I think it's the Hugh Johnson of wine fame?) The book is pocket size and a handy reference tool when touring gardens. Shipping included within the US.   [501122]
Price: $8  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/19/03 1:00PM

How to Have a Green Thumb without an Aching Back A book of good cheer, common sense and mulch from Ruth Stout--a woman ahead of her time. Shipping included within the US   [501121]
Price: $8  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/19/03 1:00PM

Book: Nymans Garden West Sussex This pamphlet is a history and guide to the gardens of Nymans in West Sussex the home of Anne, Countess of Rosse. Shipping included within the US.   [500475]
Price: $8  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/13/03 1:00PM

Catalogue: Mrs. Delany Flower Collages These 18th century flower collages were created by Mary Granville Delany. A show of her pieces was presented in the autumn of 1986. (Shipping included within the US.)   [500251]
Price: $7  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/20/03 1:00PM

Book: Space & Illusion in the Japanese Garden--Teiji Itoh Text and photos combine eloquently to explain how scale, texture, natural and manmade come together to create the magical spaces that are Japanese gardens. This book is both a visual and an intellectual pleasure. (Shipping & handling included in th e US.)   [500056]
Price: $20  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/19/03 1:00PM

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