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Garden Design & Horticulture Books Check BIDDINGTON'S CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY for works of established New York painters Laura Shechter, Sigmund Abeles, Lynne Frehm, James Burnett and Donald Holden.

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"Still Life: Apples Books & Roses" Joan Berg VICTOR Joan Berg Victor uses color sparingly, but most effectively, in this still life drawing with watercolor. Click here to view larger image.Studio visit with Joan Berg Victor. Please email or phone Biddingtons (212 838 3572 Mon-Fri 9-5 ET) for more information about this work. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.   [503309]
Price: $4,800  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 02/24/03 1:00PM

Stately Gardens of Britain The great British gardens: Powis, Sezincote, Bodnant, Hidcote, Chatsworth, Great Dixter, etcetera, etcetera--in wonderful color photos! Shipping included within the US.   [501193]
Price: $16  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/22/03 1:00PM

The New American Gardener by Carole Otteson This book was fairly early in focusing on the garden trends of the past decade: more "natural" plants and more focus on using plants attuned to the existing environment.The author has a "garden as politics" attitude, but the concepts and good colorp hotos make this book very helpful. Shipping included within the US.   [501192]
Price: $13  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/22/03 1:00PM

Garden Projects--Construction This large work--sort of a British version of Time-Life garden construction books--shows photos and provides step-by-step information on building water gardens, rock gardens, greenhouses, sandboxes, garden walls and much more. Many color photos. Sh ipping included within the US.   [501191]
Price: $14  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/22/03 1:00PM

Book: Landscape Architecture Construction This serious work by Landphair & Klatt is a comprehensive text and reference manual for the landscape architect. It includes much technical information and very fine technical drawings. Bookrate shipping included within the US. (Code: 425.)   [501190]
Price: $30  Quantity Available:  0  Sale Ends: 03/03/03 1:00PM

Lee Bailey's Country Flowers With many fine color photos, this book presents sequence of bloom for the terminally chic. Shipping included within the US.   [501189]
Price: $14  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/22/03 1:00PM

Capability Brown by Joan Clifford Capability Brown (1716-1783) created the picturesque parkland style that so enhances the great homes of England. For Blenheim alone, he would merit a place in garden history. This is his biography in words and b/w photos. Shipping included withint he US.   [501187]
Price: $6  Quantity Available:  0  Sale Ends: 03/21/03 1:00PM

The Archaeology of Gardens by Christopher Taylor This British brochure published by Shire Archaeology discusses evidence of gardens from pre-history through the 19th century. It included photos and drawings. Shipping included within the US.   [501185]
Price: $6  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/06/03 1:00PM

Elysian Gardens--Preservation of Historic Gardens This booklet was published in conjunction with an historic preservation study on the needs of gardens in the UK and in western Europe. It was published under the auspices of Garden Magazine. Shipping included within the US.   [501184]
Price: $8  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/21/03 1:00PM

Off the Board and Onto the Ground A reference tool for the professional or aspiring landscape architect, this book includes sample specification drawings and implementation details for landscape architecture and planting projects. (It includes soil and fill calculations, footing con struction and other key technical info.) Shipping included within the US.   [501183]
Price: $18  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/21/03 1:00PM

The Quest for Paradise by Ronald King A history of the world's gardens, this book starts with Eden and continues onward--if not upward--to urban gardens today. Photos, drawings & illustrations. Shipping included within the US.   [501182]
Price: $14  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 02/24/03 1:00PM

Historic Savannah Behind the Garden Walls This look at the beautiful--mostly private-- walled gardens of a haunting southern city was edited by Louisa Farrand Wood and illustrated with watercolors by Ray G. Ellis. The gardens are also shown in plan. This lovely book makes one want to visit Savannah in March--a highly recommended destination. Shipping included within the US.   [501181]
Price: $13  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/21/03 1:00PM

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