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Textile & Handiwork Books Check BIDDINGTON'S CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY for works of established New York painters Laura Shechter, Sigmund Abeles, Lynne Frehm, James Burnett and Donald Holden.

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Textiles for Colonial Clothing A Workbook of Swatches and Information -- this book demystifies the basics of textiles and clothing of early Americans in a practical way. Please $5 for shipping in the United States. International shipping available at cost.   [502570]
Price: $29.95  Quantity Available:  10  Sale Ends: 02/25/03 1:00PM

The Quilters Women & Domestic Art This book is an oral history that the authors Patricia and Norma Buferd gleaned by traveling and quilting with older quilters.In reviewing the book the Christian Science Monitor wrote: "...an usual history of the art of quilting, the social contact,t he solace, the discipline it represents..truly a book worth reading". Shipping included within the US.   [501380]
Price: $12  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 02/25/03 1:00PM

DIOR Merchant of Happiness Claire Poe Newman attended Dior's first show in 1947 and purchased an array of dresses, gowns and suits each year until Dior's death in 1957. Her collection formed the entire Louisana show curated by Bryce Reveley.
Forget Judith Krantz & Danielle Steele, paging through this catalogue is sublime fantasy!

Price includes shipping & handling within the US. (Volume discounts are available--please email for specifics.)   [500075]
Price: $8  Quantity Available:  91  Sale Ends: 03/17/03 1:00PM

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