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Tribal Art Books Check BIDDINGTON'S CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY for works of established New York painters Laura Shechter, Sigmund Abeles, Lynne Frehm, James Burnett and Donald Holden.

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Navajo Pictorial Weaving 1880-1950 by Campbell & Kopp Very specific descriptions accompany the photos of the Navajo rugs in this fine book on the art of Navajo weaving. Shipping included within the US.   [501378]
Price: $22  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/19/03 1:00PM

Papago Indians and Their Basketry by DeWald The Tohono O'Odham (People of the Desert) were formerlyknown by the name Papago. This very good, small softcover book by Terry DeWald discusses the production--from materials gathering to weaving--of their superb baskets. Many fine photos. Shipping included within the US.   [501290]
Price: $16  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/11/03 1:00PM

Southwest Indian Designs by Mark Bahti Southwest Indian Designs was written by Mark Bahti a second generation owner of a well-known Tucson Native American art gallery. Bahti presents specific information about the meaning of many Hopi, Mimbres, Zuni, Acoma & Jemez designs. The booklet a lso includes a 2-page annotated bibliography. Shipping included within the US.   [501289]
Price: $14  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 02/27/03 1:00PM

Book: The Pueblo Potter--Ruth L. Bunzel The book's subtitle is: Creative Imagination in Primitive Art. The author spent two years among the pueblo peoples of New Mexico and Arizona in 1924-1925. She carefully recorded pottery designs from the Acoma, Zuni, Hopi and San Ildefonso potters . (Shipping and handling included within the US.)   [500131]
Price: $10  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/17/03 1:00PM

Book: Hopi Kachinas--Barton Wright Contemporary Hopi kachinas (still affordable) are the topic of this. Barton Wright is a noted authority on the iconography and ceremonial significance of these fascinating, collectible sculptures. (Shipping included within the US.)   [500130]
Price: $15  Quantity Available:  1  Sale Ends: 03/17/03 1:00PM

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