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TALLARIGO Marble Sculpture "Crossing Light" Italian sculptor Serena Tallarigo produced a series of work in the 1980's entitled "On the Edge of Stone/At the Edge of Sculpture". This sculpture "Crossing Light" is part of that series. Serena Tallarigo discusses the process of creating her sculpture. This piece is sculpted in three parts that join together; it ships flat. This work is made of a marble called bianco puro--literally "pure white". The fine cr ystal structure of this marble gives it at blue-white color and a slightly glowing brilliance.  

Serena TALLARIGO Sculpture "Horizon II" "Horizon II" is from a small series of landscape-related sculptures by Italian contemporary sculptor Serena Tallarigo. This sculpture is constructed in four parts that cunningly join together so that this tabletop-sized sculpture ships as a flat piece. The materials are bianco puro marble and black marquina.   [501934]

Bronze Sculpture "Chair" Frances JETTER  The sculpture relates to Frances Jetter's witty & poignant torso series. "Chair" is the artist's proof. Visit Frances Jetter's studio to learn more about this artistwhos e sculpture was recently reviewed in The New York Times (May 2002) and whose graphic work is included in the collections of Fogg Museum (Harvard) and New York Public Library. View additional offerings of Frances Jetter sculpture, linocuts and etchings.   [501836]

Carol Bruns bronze sculpture "Ball Player" Sculptor/painter Carol Bruns has a terrific eye for gesture. This small bronze--entitled Ball Player--shows a timeless figure at play. Visit Carol Bruns studio in Dumbo (Brooklyn).   [501788]

Carol BRUNS Bronze Sculpture "Forest Spirit" Carol Bruns sculpts figures of mystery and myth. This piece called "Forest Spirit" has a monumental stillness about it. Bruns' often sketches after viewing dance performances and has a deep understanding of balance and gesture. This work is the artist's proof; the bronze has been metalized with nickel giving the grey surface a sandy--very tactile--surface. Bruns' work has been exhibited by Instituto Allende (Mexico), Eighth Floor Gallery (NYC), Harnett Murray Gallery (NYC) & Art Inititatives (NYC) Visit Carol Bruns studio in Dumbo (Brooklyn)..   [501596]

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