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During Biddington's site upgrade, please disregard the end dates on auction items. Many of these works remain available for outright purchase. To inquire, use this PURCHASE & BIDDING FORM. Choose an item below and click on it to see more information.

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GOLDNER Steel Sculpture "I ni ce, thank you, merci"  Janet Goldner's welded steel books have pages that read independently--but also as anoverall image when the book is closed. This accordian book is about Mali in WestA frica. Its title says "thank you" in the three languages Goldner uses when visiting Mali: Bamanankan, English and French.Goldner's art reflects a belief in human dignity and the value of cultural diversity; her work is represented in public collections: Islip Museum (New York) and Parkas Europos (Lithuania).   [503049]

Nancy AZARA "Changes Trio" Wood Carvings  "Changes--Small Trio" is a wood carving group by noted sculptor and founding member of the feminist art movement Nancy Azara. These timeless symbols are typical of Nancy Azara's imagery. Her sculpting--usually in wood--tends to be rough, physica l and expressive; the artist then sheathes her work with opulent color and metal leaf. The result is sculpture that is as visually seductive as a Byzantine icon and as emotionally satisfying as the best folk art. This is a trio of small wood carvin gs each measuring 5.75" square and about 2.5" deep painted then aluminum leafed. Each hangs individually. To learn more about Azara whose one-woman exhibitions have been reviewed by The New York Times, Art Forum, Art in America and The Wall Street Journal, visit Nancy Azara's studio.  [502817]

"Winged Victory" Sculpture SLIPPER  Canadian-born ceramic sculptor Annemarie Slipper makes figurative works that are meant to be touched. "Winged Victory" is beautifully burnished bringing out the texture of the clay and the form of the female figure--very feminine but not Barbie. Her wing is highlighted by a high-shine, vitreous glaze. "Winged Victory" is presented on its own ceramic base. To learn how Slipper creates her sculpture, visit Annemarie Slipper in he r San Miguel de Allende studio.   [502645]

Singing Computers Christmas CD HOVAGIMYAN and SINCLAIR  Pop/Conceptual artists GH Hovagimyan and Peter Sinclair produced this performance art CD for an ensemble of singing and speaking computers to celebrate the last Noel before the year 2000. However, its message--disdain for the commercializing of theh oliday, seasonal family tensions and booze-ridden office parties--is timeless. This CD contains language (in English)--and concepts--not suitable for Virginia and other such innocents. (However, "Fa La La", a riff on "Deck the Halls", defies compar ison.) Visit Pop/Conceptual artist GH Hovagimyan in his Tribeca studio.   [502630]

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