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Jim Napierala painting Ausflippen Napierala abstract The Freake Limner jim Napierala painting black joke
Large Painting
The Freake Limner
Large Painting
Black Joke
Large Painting
Napierala diptych Black and Blond Napierala diptych Factotum1/Factotum2 Napierala diptych Less Delicate
Black and Blond
Less Delicate
Than the Locust

Jim Napierala painting Bias Melon Jim Napierala painting Bias white Napierala abstract painting Bias Plum
Bias Series,
Untitled (Melon)
Bias Series,
Untitled (White)
Bias Series,
Untitled (Plum)
Napierala abstract Crystal Bullet Jim Napierala painting Awakening Study Jim Napierala painting Bias Lemon
Crystal Bullet Study for Box...
Small Painting
Bias Series,
Untitled (Lemon)
Contemporary abstract painter Jim Napierala's paintings on wood panel present a 21st century form of abstraction in which pattern and iteration play significant roles. Layers of vivid color including metallic and iridescent paints are given structure by Napierala's unusual technique of painting, taping and cutting.

To learn more about this artist:
Visit JIM NAPIERALA's Manhattan Studio

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Prices of these works range from $750 to $5000.

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