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Rein Triefeldt original print Migration

original print
by Rein Triefeldt

Migration, an original print by sculptor Rein Triefeldt, is a work dealing with themes of love, sacrifice and continuity. The inspiration for this piece is the artist's own family history:

In the late 1930's the Soviets stepped-up their persecution of the peoples in the Baltic states. By the fall of 1944 the war was raging in the Baltic's; Estonian ports were jammed with desperate refugees. Rein Triefeldt's grandfather, hospitalized in Estonia, sent word to his wife and daughter to find passage out of the country. He boarded the hospital ship "Moero"--one of the last immigrant ships to attempt escape. The ship navigated the mined Estonian harbor only to be hit by Soviet torpedoes in the Baltic Sea. Rein's grandfather perished at sea. Rein's mother and grandmother were more fortunate; they survived the war in a refugee camp near Danzig and later emigrated to Canada.

Rein Triefeldt gouache and bronze 

Rein Triefeldt first made "Migration" as a bronze kinetic sculpture. Triefeldt finds that working directly in bronze preserves intensity in his sculpture. The bronze version of "Migration" is a more somber work than the later drawings and this original print. Rein Triefeldt draws after-the-fact exploring on paper what he--or his subconscious--has already made in bronze. As is apparent from this boldly-colored print, by making studies of his own sculpture, Rein Triefeldt seems to have discovered the forward-looking, optimism implicit in his family's struggle for survival. The central sphere--perhaps a mine, perhaps a globe--is orbited by a figure creating energy in a green, life-giving sea.

Migration bronze sculpture by Rein Triefeldt (left)

This original print Migration is a digital image based on a gouache. All aspects of this work--from bronze conception, to gouache study and finally digital reworking--were performed by Rein Triefeldt. This print measures 23" X 23" with a 19" central image. It was printed on archival quality Lyson White Paper with Lyson I inks. The tirage totals 22: an edition of 20 prints + 2 artist's proofs. The edition is hand signed and numbered in ink on the image by Rein Triefeldt. The print is published by Biddington's, Inc. whose script imprint appears in light grey on the lower right hand corner.

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Artist Ren Triefeldt


Rein Triefeldt Selected Public Art Commissions:
1998 Merrill Lynch Building, Canada.
Commissioned by Developer PHP Management Limited
1997 University of Windsor, C.A.W. Student Center, Canada
Commissioned by University of Windsor, Public Competition
1996 Centennial Olympic Games, Atlanta, Georgia
Commissioned by Developer PHP Management Limited

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