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St. Boniface chapel at St.John the Divine

Revelations to Go pop art by Lenore Hughes

Lenore Tolegian HUGHES
Revelations to Go

20th Anniversary Exhibit
The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine

1047 Amsterdam Avenue at 112th Street, New York, NY
August 29th-September 30th, 2001

Editor's Note: Someworks of art in this exhibit continue to be offered for sale at Biddington's. Please email or telephone (212) 838 3572 Mon-Fri 9-5 EST to make a purchase or for more information on the artist an item from this exhibition.

St. Boniface chapel with Lenore Hughes paintings

St. Boniface Chapel at
The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine
with HUGHES Votive Paintings

Lenore Hughes' collage painting Life Savers

Lenore Hughes "Life Savers" (right)
Watercolor and Woven Collage (view detail)
Mounted in Metal Votive Frame with 10 Candles
Overall 40" x 32.5"

Price: $2000 +shipping and insurance

Additional 3 votive pieces:
Creation, Corporate Madonna and Large Wonder
are similarly sized and priced.

chapel with Lenore Hughes crosses

St. Boniface Chapel at
The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine
with HUGHES Tau Cross

Tau Cross collages Lenore Hughes

Lenore Tolegian HUGHES Collage Installation "Tau Cross"

Eastern Cross Lenore Hughes glass collages

Lenore Tolegian HUGHES Collage Installation"Eastern Cross"

Swiss Cross pop art collagesLenore Hughes

Lenore Tolegian HUGHES Collage Installation"Swiss Cross"

Tau Cross, Eastern Cross and Swiss Cross
Comprised of Mixed-Media Watercolor and Collage
Each Collage 12" x 12" as Mounted

Price: $300 each +shipping and insurance

Gold Medal Joan collage

St. Boniface Vitrine (center) HUGHES Collages in Glass:
"Gold Medal Joan" (above) 13" x 13" as mounted.
"Bar Code Mary" 16.5" x 14.5" as mounted.
"Gold Medal Mary" 16.5" x 14.5" as mounted.
"Confection Mary" 16.5" x 14.5" as mounted.

Price: $550 each +shipping and insurance.

ambulatory with Lenore Hughes collages pop art

Ambulatory with HUGHES
Pop Art Watercolor/Collages:
"To Die For"
"Giving is Receiving"
"Money from Heaven"
Unframed Image 17.5" x 30.25"

Price: $1600 each +shipping and insurance.

Lenore Hughes collage with Mother Teresa

HUGHES "Giving is Receiving" (left)
Watercolor/Collage with Image of Mother Teresa

Lenore Hughes collage Last Diner

HUGHES "Last Diner" (left)
Additional smaller collages in ambulatory:
"All Purpose Wonder"
"Angel Food"
Unframed Image 15" x 10.5"

Price: $800 each +shipping and insurance

Lenore Hughes mirror collages Prayer Beads

Lenore Tolegian HUGHES
"Prayer Beads" Mirror Collages
Installation North Wall
The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine

mirror collage Lenore Hughes with Botticelli Venus and Madonna

HUGHES "Venus/Madonna"
from "Prayer Beads" Mirror Acrylic Collage Series
21" diameter

Price of any "Prayer Bead": $550 each +shipping and insurance.

HUGHES: We each carry the spear of truth within ourselves--like the blade I use to cut through the layers of images I weave together--to see through the obstacles blocking our lives. Those distractions, once removed, reveal the answers that cloud our vision. but we fall victim to the lure of a quick fix of Faith, like fast food--we expect that we can drive through, get a fast hit and go on our way.

The definitive answers to life's biggest questions continue to elude us, and we set off in seaarch for the next-best offering behinds the lure of the next neon door. Always in search of Revelations to Go.

Lenore Hughes Artist's Studio Visit

Hollywood Square Madonna Madonna collage Lenore Hughes

HUGHES "Madonna/Madonna"
Mirror Collage 12" x 12"

Price: $550 +shipping and insurance.

Email Biddington's with your purchase orders or questions.

Lenore (LA) Hughes Studio Visit

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