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For several years, artist Diane Holland and writer Peter Frank have been collaborating on artworks based in new technologies. Their latest joint effort pays homage to that venerable icon of information technology: the book. This work is an acknowledgment that the days of the book as primary repository of written knowledge are numbered; the book format is being freed to function as a self-defining artistic discipline--much as a painting now does.

Intermedia artist Diane Holland created the images for AMARI MARBU by merging photography, color-Xerography and computer-assisted graphics. The sources of the images are herself, her family and her environment.

Art critic, curator and writer Peter Frank coined words to accompany the images. His brief, melodic, often Haiku-like stanzas are meant to be read phonetically in either French or English.

The Ikkibit cited in the dedication is a lively, mischievous rabbit whose likeness appears in the book.

Amari Marbu book slideshow


The first edition of AMARI MARBU was published in 1997; this second edition was published in 1999.
AMARI MARBU is included in the collection of the Biblioteque Nationale in Paris.

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Artists' studio visit with Diane Holland.
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