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New York City Winter 2007 Update
Manhattan Art Events & Museum Exhibitions

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Otto Dix portrait of Anita Berber

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Glitter and Doom--German Portraits from the 1920's
Through Feb. 19, 2007

The five fabulous and daring Otto Dix (1891-1969) drawings at the beginning of the show are nearly sufficient. When combined with the Max Beckmann's (1884-1950), the George Grosz's (1893-1959) and the dozens more Dix's, the viewer grows queasey with the scent of clammy spent bodies, cheap perfume and stale tobacco smoke. In this exhibition organized by Sabine Rewald, Weimar Germany comes to life as a decadent, brutal and opportunistic world where neither "great" men nor grandmothers merit compassion and where artists flip-flop easily between modernist and Old Master representational styles--depending on how much they despise their sitter. Were its images less technically and emotionally brilliant, this exhibition would be disgusting. If you miss the show, at least buy the catalogue: it's the one with the woman sporting an attractive cigarette burn on her shoulder.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
81st Street and 5th Avenue, New York City

Bonevardi book

Argentine Consulate: Bonevardi
Through Feb. 28, 2007

With its high ceilings and period moldings, the consular building on 56th Street lends a suitably Argentinean backdrop to the sculpture and drawings of Marcelo Bonevardi (1929-1994). Well-made and intellectually engaging, Marcelo Bonevardi's sculptures have the appearance of earth-toned cubist paintings realized in 3-dimensions. In his black and white drawings, Bonevardi explores a more spiritual territory: Joining rigid, hardware-like forms with pliable, worm-like ones, Bonevardi creates an intricate, entirely imaginative, world of symbols and stories. The result is poignant; it enters the place where visual art expresses what words only begin to suggest.

Curated by cultural affairs consul Luis Pablo Beltramino, the handsomely mounted exhibition is presented in concert with the publication of the monograph "Marcelo Bonevardi: Chasing Shadows--Constructing Art" compiled by architect John Bennett and Gustavo Bonevardi, the artist's son.

Consulate General of Argentina, 12 West 56th Street, New York City
Exhibition Open to the Public through February 28, Monday-Friday 11 to 5 PM

Salander O'Reilly: Graham Nickson--Watercolors
Through March 7, 2007

In this gallery exhibition, dean of the New York Studio School and painter Graham Nickson has traded his heroic-scale paintings and drawings of bathers for the less time-consuming, more transportable medium of watercolors. These vivid landscapes and sunsets were produced recently in Tahiti and Todii (Italy). One normally thinks of Nickson constructing his works with line, but these pieces show that he can compose effectively with color alone.

Salander O'Reilly
22 East 71st Street, New York City

Goya Portrait

Guggenheim Museum: Spanish Painting from El Greco to Picasso--Time, Truth and History
Through March 28, 2007

In concept and execution, this fine Spanish painting show functions marvelously. The exhibition is organized by genres including: still life "bodegones", male portraits, female portraits, mother & child paintings and crucifixions. Since the show explores type and time, we have the pleasure of seeing a Cubist work (1916) by Juan Gris hanging next to a still life (1602) by Juan Sánchez Cotán, and a Picasso portrait (1937) next to a Goya (1816). The flowing, yet punctuated, hanging space of the Guggenheim snail is perfect for focusing attention on these specific side-by-side comparisons. Curators Carmen Giménez and Francisco Calvo Serraller nail their visual point: Modernist movements like Cubism and Surrealism have such strong links to their antecedents in Spanish painting as to be almost the logical consequences of the earlier works.

Since many paintings included in the exhibition are drawn from remote sources, these works are not the Spanish pieces we know in person and by heart. One could quibble and say that Picasso is overused in the show; in fact, two of his pieces appearing here are not good paintings. At the other end of the quality spectrum, so sublime is the range and beauty of the works by Goya, that it confirms, once again, his standing among the best painters in the world.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
Fifth Avenue at 89th Street

MOMA: Armando Reverón
Through April 16, 2007

Evidence to the fashion for all things Latin American is the retrospective of Venezualan artist Armando Reverón (1889-1954) at the Museum of Modern Art. This Venezuelan master depicted a world bathed in the blinding equatorial light whose power deprives objects of their color and leaves ghosts in place of solid forms. Reverón's main body of work consists of ethereal figurative paintings--some so faint as to recall the images of death shrouds. (Forming and dissolving with light, Armando Reverón's painterly vision finds more recent echos in the sensitive works of Argentine artist Miguel Diomede (1902-1974) and in those of contemporary Taiwan-born painter Vivian Tsao.) The illusive quality in Armando Reverón paintings is emphasized by the rough burlap on which the painter often worked. Such poor materials don't harm our enjoyment of Armando Reverón's vision, but they do testify to the difficult circumstances of his life.

Museum of Modern Art
11 West 53rd Street

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